Subaru WRX STI: Carbon-Made Absolutely Mad

Mansory Couldn’t Stop Blushing at This Carbon Fiber Car

We may have discovered a car that boasts the largest application of carbon fiber ever utilized in a design- a Subaru WRX STI owned and created by the well-known ‘carbon_mike’ on Instagram. In addition to the Konig Hypergram wheels, luminaries, a quartet of exhausts, pins, and windows, everything else has been formed from this fiber.

Particularly, the front and back parts of the car, roof, bonnet, bumbers and much of its inside gadgets are all carbon-fiber-made. Not simply covering over, these are wonderfully produced genuine carbon-fiber components. This works out smoothly as Mike is employed at Carbon Trends, an organization establishing itself in the world of fiber composite from SoCal.

the MOST Carbon Fiber we've EVER seen in a Car Build | @carbon__mike x @Specdtuninginfo at #SEMA

Despite an abundance of carbon fiber sufficient enough to bring tears of admiration from even Mansory’s engineers, the third generation Subaru WRX has kept its design as evidenced by the footage shown above that was culminated at this year’s SEMA 2023.

The comprehensive WRX setup incorporates a carbon fiber-clad roll cage, Sparco seats and harnesses, as well as a Stage 2 short block motor configuration featuring IAG Performance’s forged pistons and reinforced connecting rods. There were no details concerning power ratings divulged; however, Mike revealed it had been conservatively tuned for trustworthiness.

At present, the main query is: just how lightweight is this car? Unfortunately, Mike was not able to give us a precise response, however when he tested it by swaying the door of the auto, it appeared to feel as fragile as paper. We can only suppose, this vehicle has the same agility as a go-kart.

It is noteworthy that although carbon fiber prides itself on great stiffness, splendid corrosion resistance, and tremendous lightness, it also has some setbacks. This composite material is fragile and patching up harm can be quite bothersome.

Despite this, Mike maintains the car as a treasured garage queene, scarcely appearing to advance Carbon Trends. Therefore, this slim-bodied hatchback will remain in proper condition.

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