Subtle Psychedelic Vibes: The Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism Edition

Rolls-Royce’s 120th Anniversary: 120 Cars Get Vibrant Makeovers to Mark the Milestone

Taking inspiration from current design trends, Rolls-Royce has recently unveiled a fresh rendition of the Ghost: Prism. While the brand may still carry a hint of traditionalism, it is evident that they have also embraced modern elements – recalling a time when an unconventional lime green Rolls-Royce would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. This bold approach has undoubtedly attracted a new wave of fashion-forward clientele, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and its customers.

According to Anders Warming, the director of design for this brand, it is their customer base that plays a significant role in shaping not only Ghost Prism, but also the overall brand.

Rolls-Royce places great importance on the preferences and wishes of our esteemed clients, who often set the standards for fashion and the luxury industry on a global scale. Our latest creation, Ghost Prism, is a manifestation of the distinct personal style of a particular subset within this influential group of trendsetters. This exceptional vehicle pays tribute to the special bond we share with our clients.

The exterior is coated in a stunning Gunmetal Grey hue, boasting a luxurious “mineral” appearance achieved through a meticulous 10-step procedure that involves the application of four layers of paint. This technique results in a multi-dimensional and glossy finish that cannot be replicated with a single coat. Despite having an abundance of paint at their disposal, the body shop opted for a more labor-intensive approach, spending a whopping 16 hours hand-polishing the surface instead of using an orbital or rotary polisher, which would have removed a considerable amount of paint.

Complementing the monochromatic hue is the grille and trunk embellishments that have been expertly dullified with a sleek smoked black-grey coating called Burnout, skillfully handcrafted to perfection. Before the application of four coats of paint, each component undergoes a delicate sanding process to ensure proper adhesion. Once dry, the pieces are meticulously polished, resulting in a glossy surface worthy of the iconic Pantheon grille.

Offering a slight variation, the brightwork encompassing the glass structure boasts a rich and shiny jet black finish.

When purchasing the Ghost Prism, buyers are given the option to select from four accent hues: Phoenix Red, Turchese, Mandarin, and Forge Yellow. This striking accent shade is then incorporated into inserts on the lower bumper, brake calipers, and subtle coachline. Naturally, these same colors can also be found inside the cabin, most notably in the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, and, as expected from Rolls-Royce, the renowned Starlight Headliner. The headliner boasts a breathtaking display of 1,040 hand-punched light holes.

A total of 120 ghost prism collectibles will be produced, without any set restrictions on the quantity of each color variation. As the company commemorates its 120th year in business, the stunning ghost prism may not be the only thing that has us eager with anticipation. While we can still expect one last Droptail after the highly-anticipated release of Arcadia, there is speculation that Goodwood has more surprises in store.

The upgraded Ghost would serve as an excellent beginning, and a unique Spectre wouldn’t hurt either.

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