Supercharged Carbon-Fiber Audi R8 Widebody for Sale by Jon Olsson

Unleashing 700 horsepower, the PPI Razor GTR-10 dominates with power and precision.

An extensively customized Audi R8 adorned in carbon fiber has emerged on the market, boasting a plethora of enhancements and a somewhat renowned previous owner. The individual in discussion is ex-professional skier turned present-day influencer Jon Olsson, who initially gained recognition for his daring ski stunts under the sponsorship of Red Bull and later reinvented himself as a prominent car aficionado whose extravagant modifications continuously captivated the online community.

One notable item in the world of sportscars is the PPI Razor GTR-10, recognized for its innovative use of 10 carbon fiber units. Notably, this extravagant vehicle has undergone a complete transformation with each initial panel being substituted with the light and durable material (although there are claims that certain components of the kit may only have a carbon coating).

Additionally, the 5.2-liter V10 motor has undergone a process of forced induction, known as supercharging, to further enhance its performance.

Jon Olsson's Twin Supercharged Audi R8 V10 with Full Carbon Body! $400k of mods!

This specific vehicle was custom-made for Olsson, who frequently participated in various rally events such as the Gumball 3000. As a result, the car has a two-way radio system and dual antennas, although according to the Pistonheads listing, only traces of them remain. Other enhancements include upgraded seats, a complete interior remodel featuring red and black Alcantara and leather, and Jon Olsson’s personal logo embroidered on the headrests. There is also an aftermarket head-up display installed, even though the original stock cluster (which shows less than 35,000 miles) still functions flawlessly. It is rumored that the car was equipped with a speed camera detector and radar scanner, but it’s unclear if they are still present.

Based on several accounts, Olsson invested approximately $400,000 in the construction process, with a significant portion of it dedicated to enhancing the car’s speed.

Regarding the motor, it showcases a VF Engineering supercharged setup that generates a powerful 700 horsepower to the wheels. This has been confirmed by the recent tune carried out in 2020 on Regal Autosport’s dynamometer. To enhance its performance even further, the engine also features a BMC air filter and Stertman catless headers. The car is equipped with a top-of-the-line PPI brake kit, PSi Raceline Ohlins two-way suspension, and stylish 20-inch forged ADV.1 wheels, completing its overall look.After a thorough inspection conducted by Regal not too long ago, necessary updates were made to ensure the reliability of this build. The supercharger’s pulleys and belts were replaced, accompanied by the fitting of new ignition coils and high-pressure fuel pumps. Furthermore, all fluids were also replenished. With these enhancements, this build should be considered quite dependable.

At an astoundingly affordable £89,950 (approximately $113,955.41), one can acquire all of this. Of course, there would be an additional cost for shipping it to your location, but overall, its value remains a steal.

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