Team Unearths Audi R8 After 5 Year Slumber

2010 Audi R8: Transformation from Forgotten to Revived

At times, life inevitably disrupts our plans. This is the reason presented by the proprietor of the 2010 model Audi R8 Spyder that had been abandoned outside for a span of five years with one side window partially open, blatantly ruining everything inside and outside of the car.

The fervor of aficionados can be sensed permeating the internet. Prior to pressing ‘Submit’ on that sharply worded remark, here is a brief context provided by Detail Dane and WD Detailing -two YouTube stations involved in the rescue- on the Audi. The owner was the preceding homeowner of the place where the car has been fixed for countless years. The purchasers told him it could remain there; nonetheless, when the pandemic struck, time just carried on passing and the years followed soon enough.

I Rescued an Abandoned Audi R8 with WD Detailing | FIRST START IN 5 YEARS!

The predicament was made still more difficult by the Audi’s peculiar air suspension system. Evidentially, it was a premature kind of equipment and, with elements positioned in the frunk, got to the R8s battery was hard work. Capacity was withdrawn, later coming critters which munched away at the suspension’s air hoses, ultimately making the R8 plunge to the tarmac. Clearly, they attempted to extricate the automobile, yet complications involving its battery and air system thwarted these early attempts. Moreover, simply pulling out the car – something that obviously would cause considerable damage – was not doable.

It took four hours to place the vehicle on the protected trailer, utilizing wheel dollies, a number of hoists and taking off the R8’s facade. The time put in had a dividend as the car was at last taken to Detail Dane’s workshop. There, Detail Dane and WD Detailing collaborated to perform what probably was the greatest car wash ever.

Having the window down caused all sorts of mildew buildup in the interior, but after some effort, it turned out looking immaculate. The outward appearance also underwent a remarkable makeover – and with a battery container plugged in, enough electricity is generated to power the Rolls-Royce R8 Spyder’s finicky roof mechanism.

Surely enough, the 5.2-liter V10 motor springs to life. We are then introduced to the custom exhaust system, however, its exact characteristics remain unknown. But we do know that it is tremendously loud, to the satisfaction of the mechanics. Other than a few bursts of sooty smoke (likely from gas residue residing in the tank for five years), the R8 seems ready and willing to get back out on the road. This, though, will have to wait until the suspension issues are taken care of. Unluckily, the footage stops before we get any closure regarding the destiny of this R8.

We contacted Detail Dane, enquiring about the status of the Audi, and we’ve had a positive response. It is currently in the garage, safe from being exposed to outside conditions. The owner is intending to repair the suspension system, fit winter tyres and then take advantage of the Michigan chill. At present, the destiny of the Acura remains uncertain. We’ve heard stories of people reviving an NSX after it had been left underwater for 15 years, so this would be a no-brainer for us if we could offer to assist. If any more information comes our way, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Abandoned Supercar: Audi R8 | First Wash in Years! | Car Detailing Restoration

Sources: WD Detailing / YouTube, Detail Dane / YouTube

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