Tesla Blacklists Cybertruck Seller Over Unapproved Listing

Tesla Cracks Down on Flipping Cybertruck: Action Taken Against Early Owners

It seems that Tesla is fulfilling its promise to enforce its anti-flipping policy for the Cybertruck, as a customer has reported that the company cancelled two of their orders upon discovering that the vehicle was being advertised on multiple automotive marketplaces along with its identifying VIN number.

According to a post made by user malinecentral on Cybertruck Owner’s Club, Tesla has allegedly found his Cybertruck available for purchase and has informed him that any upcoming reservations will be nullified.The instance was brought to light by user malinecentral, who claims that he had reserved a Cybertruck but was later informed by Tesla that his vehicle was discovered being sold. This news came as a shock to the user as they were under the impression that their reservation had secured them a Cybertruck.Based on the report, it seems that Tesla has taken notice of the situation and has intervened by reaching out to malinecentral about the matter. During this communication, the company informed the user that due to the unauthorized selling of their reserved Cybertruck, all future reservations would be canceled.This revelation is concerning for those who have reserved a Cybertruck, as it raises questions about the security and reliability of the reservation process. The issue also brings up concerns about the potential resale market for these highly anticipated vehicles.It is unclear at this time how many other Cybertruck reservations may have been affected by this situation, or if any further actions will be taken by Tesla to prevent similar instances from occurring in the future.Users on the forum have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the news,

As per the owner’s statement, the electric truck remains unsold and is currently still available for purchase. “I have not made any sales yet. I decided to list it on various platforms to gauge interest,” they explained. However, despite this, Tesla has made sure that the customer will not be able to acquire another sought-after battery-powered pickup truck.

According to the report, Tesla’s Loss and Prevention team identified malinecentral as being involved in the fraudulent listings. Subsequently, a Sales Leader verified that further reservations had been revoked.

The automaker stated that although the two reservations had been reimbursed, any upcoming reservations would not be acknowledged or refunded. In a letter from the company, it was stated, “As we move forward, all future orders placed by you will be terminated without a reimbursement of the $100 reservation fee or the $250 order fee, as we have officially notified you of this issue.”

The individual points out that it is uncertain if this applies to all Tesla vehicles or solely the Cybertruck. In the case of the latter, malinecentral will no longer have the ability to buy a new Tesla in the future. Fortunately, the company has reassured that maintenance choices will still be available. “They did mention that I am still able to receive service. I currently own two other Teslas,” they further stated.

It will be intriguing to witness if Tesla decides to implement this rule among all owners of the Cybertruck. A quick survey of various pre-owned vehicle websites reveals numerous listings for the Cybertruck, accompanied by steep asking prices. In Beverly Hills alone, there are six listed for sale with the most affordable option priced at $199,900. Additionally, two are advertised in Denver, Colorado and five have popped up for sale in or around Texas.

As a result of high demand, resellers are exploiting the market and inflating prices for Cybertrucks to more than twice their original manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In South Orlando, a Porsche dealership has recently acquired one of these vehicles and is now offering it at an exorbitant cost of $289,999.

In its initial statement, Tesla announced that it would implement a resale penalty of either $50,000 or “the amount received as compensation for the sale or transfer, whichever is higher.” However, the company later went back on this agreement, only to reintroduce it towards the end of last year. This new provision specified that customers were not allowed to sell their Cybertrucks without obtaining prior authorization from Tesla.

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