Tesla Cybertruck Tri-Motor Powertrain Available

Tesla’s New Truck: Uncovering Interesting Details

Thanks to the documents produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and discovered by a Cybertruck Owners Club forum user, we are now aware that the Tesla Cybertruck model from 2024 allows for a Tri-Motor arrangement and can display a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of around 9,000 lbs, which implies the kerb weight is near 6,000 lbs.

Out of the seventeen characters in a vehicle identification number (VIN), two of them are noteworthy: digits 6 and 8. Digit 6 distinguishes the automobile’s gross weight rating, which can either be G or H. Documents indicate that ‘G’ indicates a GVWR between 8001 and 9000 lbs, and ‘H’ stands for a weight ranging from 9001-10000 lbs. Taking into account almost 3500 lbs of load capacity, the curb weight is estimated to exceed 6000 lbs. Character 8 pinpoints the engine and drivetrain, with ‘D’ indicating Dual Motor Standard and ‘E’ instructing Tri-Motor Performance.

The highly-anticipated arrival of the Cybertruck is imminent, with Elon Musk recently announcing that deliveries will begin November 30 – four years after the unveiling of the model. Finally getting to observe the fruit of Tesla’s labour has been a long time coming, and these snippets of news adds an extra frisson of suspense in these waning days.

Several weeks ago, hearsay from an anonymous informant suggested that instead of going with the much-anticipated Quad-Motor powertrain, the vehicle was to be outfitted with the Tri-Motor system from the Model S Plaid.

The VIN data appears to affirm these claims, although it is prudent to remember that the configuration it obtains will vary from the other Tesla models due to its higher voltage framework. Grammar checked and fixed: The VIN data appears to confirm these reports, but it is wise to remember that the setup it will receive will be quite different from other Tesla models because of its higher voltage design.

It’s no secret that the electric pickups of today have an issue with weight, but we’re still quite a way off from finding a solution to the problem. We estimate that the two-motor facility on the Cybertruck will land somewhere between 8 and 9 thousand lbs, with the three-motor system being situated between 9 and 10 thousand. However, different battery packs and wheels could affect these figures, allowing you to shift up and down a level.

We anticipate the truck to arrive larger in length and stature than the Rivian R1T, while being not so broad. It is likely going to be much more diminutive than the GMC Hummer EV, and should be comparable in extent to the Ford Lightning.

No matter what, this vehicle is sure to stand out no matter what it’s parked next to. It’s the latest “Look at me!” truck, and it’s about to make its way to a parking lot near you. So get ready for its arrival!

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