Tesla Designer Spotted in Cybertruck Matte Black

Hide Stainless Steel: Wrapping Solutions.
Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in Malibu being driven by Telsa's Chief Designer! #cybertruck #Tesla

After months of witnessing different visuals of the Tesla Cybertruck in its native stainless steel hue and various cool camouflaged or stylized wraps – not forgetting even a humorous reprisal as a Ford F-150 – it is finally time to enjoy something remarkable or, rather, timelessly classic: all-black.

We have now integrated an extra video capturing the black Tesla Cybertruck seen in Malibu, with Tesla’s main Designer behind the wheel.

Sightings of Franz von Holzhausen, the Head Designing Officer of Tesla, in a black-coated Cybertruck were seen in Santa Monica. A person under the pseudonym of Adam C (@AtomAntEater) posted on X about catching sight of the car at the Santa Monica Teslas & Coffee event from earlier in the day.

Given that von Holzhausen is involved, this sighting might signify not only his interest in the matte black shade but could potentially portend a forthcoming factory choice of covering the Cybertruck.

Recently, Tesla unveiled a highly luxurious body-wrap for the Model 3 and Model Y models, intended to be sold at a cost of $7,500-$8,000. Therefore, it is likely that a corresponding wrap will soon come out for the Tesla Cybertruck, given that its stainless steel finish cannot be simply painted over.

I estimate that not everyone is enthused by the stainless steel color, or the notion that all of these trucks would have the same hue as every other proprietor of a Cybertruck. Offering a factory wrap option could bring further customization to these automobiles which we never expected.

Pondering if the unveiling is close to happening, the question becomes when? A few individuals suggest that it might become available within a couple of months after the release, which is arranged for November 30.

Regarding the Tesla Cybertruck, there arise numerous issues such as what color to select and how much it may cost. Based on previous experiences with similar vehicles, we anticipate that wrapping this large transport would be pricier than a Model 3/Model Y — probably more like $10,000 or more. This truly is an interesting quandary since it’s uncertain if the angular elements of the Cybertruck will make wrapping easier or more difficult.

Here are some extra clips of the black Tesla Cybertruck, uploaded by Greggertruck on X.What do you think about it showing in matte black color? Also,what is the shade that you would like to own for your truck?

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