Tesla Installs Record DC Fast Chargers Q1

Tesla Outshines Competitors’ Performance.

This year in Q1, Tesla boosted the highest amount of DC fast chargers within the USA, putting five times the amount of their closest competitor.

As evidenced by the numbers recently revealed by EVAdoption, an electric vehicle research enterprise, throughout the initial quarter of 2023, one thousand two hundred and ninety-two direct current (DC) faster charging points were installed in America, an astounding 59 percent of all new DC stations that were added during this time. Simultaneously, Tesla opened up ninety-eight different Supercharger locales countrywide, with a rate averaging more than one new site per day.

Afterward, in the rankings comes EVgo, who established 250 speedy DC charging slots between first January and last March, while ChargePoint deployed 203.

Despite receiving billions of dollars in alluring incentives from the federal and state governments to extend the EV charging infrastructure to all marques of automobiles, Tesla’s setup is highly unique. Out of the ninety-eight new sites debuted by the Fremont-based firm this year, a mere ten have featured CCS compatibility with the renowned ‘Magic Dock’, meaning that the cost of the majority of the installations has been covered solely through the use of Tesla’s resources (as Tesla-exclusive stalls are unaccepted for reimbursement).

Concurrently, according to EVAdoption’s website, Tesla carries the majority of DC rapid chargers in America, with 12,580 active DC FCs. When adding in the Level 2 stations, Tesla’s count increases up to 27,257 outlets.

ChargePoint has more functioning sockets overall (48,946), but the tremendous majority of them are Level 2 (47,114); and just 1,675 are DC rapid chargers.

One of the reasons Tesla has managed to outperform its competitors is that the business produces Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) at its New York’s Buffalo factory. These units come completely constructed and with stalls already situated on a concrete slab, in addition to those electric components already programmed for interconnection with the grid, hence substantially expediting the process of installation on the spot.

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Source: EVAdoption

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