Tesla Model S with Original Battery Sells for $7,800 After 269K Miles

The A/C is out, but the rest is in working order.

Purchasing a pre-owned high-end vehicle can come with a steep cost, especially when it comes to an older electric model like the Tesla Model S. Despite this, one individual was not deterred and ended up with a 2013 Model S P85, despite its odometer reading of 269,221 miles.

Acquired through auction for a mere $7,800, the Model S operates and travels with success; however, the air conditioning is defective. Despite accumulating 260,000 miles, the electric back door continues to operate smoothly, alongside all four windows, the sunroof, instrument cluster, and touchscreen.

It is worth noting that the car’s dashboard displays 133 miles of remaining range with only half of the battery being used. This particular model of the vehicle is equipped with an 85.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which was originally deemed by the EPA to have a range of 265 miles when first released. Although there is no evidence of the battery being replaced, it is difficult to comprehend that there has been virtually no loss of capacity after ten years of use.

In an earlier article, we discussed a Model S P85 which underwent three battery replacements and 13 motor changes, having traveled 1,181,268 miles (1,901,067 kilometers). The question arises: what is the estimated cost for swapping out the battery packs? According to reports from J.D. Power, Insurify, and Reccurent Auto, this could potentially amount to a whopping $20,000 or possibly even higher when taking into consideration the expenses of labor.

This is a basic P85 version featuring a solitary engine, back-wheel drive, and a power of 373 horsepower and 325 pound-feet. There are no evident warning signs while driving – the pneumatic suspension operates as promised, the speed is quick, and there are no unusual sounds. Therefore, unless there are undisclosed defects, this Model S could have been quite a steal.

Source: Auto Auction Rebuilds / YouTube

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