Tesla Superchargers Global Expansion

SAIC-GM Signs Agreement with Tesla in China

Tesla’s takeover of the Supercharger network in America is virtually done, as a great many organizations have already affirmed their shift to using the North American Charging Standard (NACS). However, this assimilation is now expanding to China, with SAIC-General Motors being the inaugural Chinese firm to jump on board the Supercharger train.

The deal between GM and Tesla permits the utilization of Tesla’s Supercharger and destination charging networks by Cadillac and Buick all-electric vehicles by 2023. Vehicle owners can make use of the mobile app to find the Supercharge locations.

In mainland China, Tesla has well over a thousand Supercharger stations with almost 11,000 stalls. Additionally, they have constructed more than 700 destination charging locations with an excess of 2,000 plug-ins situated at hotels, resorts, and shopping centres. These should be able to cater to EVs that are not made by Tesla for charging.

Buick is proffering Chinese automotive shoppers the Electra E4, Electra E5, and Velite 6. Whereas, Cadillac has produced the Lyriq midsize superior crossover. Every one of these variants (excluding the Velite 6) have GM’s Ultium EV layout, the similar platform witnessed in the Chevrolet Blazer EV and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

It appears that in China, the shift towards Tesla’s Supercharger networks is well under way. In June 2023, GM concurred to secure 12,000 of these systems for use in the US and Canada from next year, with the added benefit of an adaptor. Five years down the line, which is by 2025, polls indicate that GM EV vehicles like the GMC Hummer EV will be equipped with Tesla’s NACS charging port. All things considered, there’s a chance that we could see more brands joining the Supercharger movement in China, similar to what has occurred in the US.

Numerous companies have emulated the movement, including Lucid Motors, much to Elon Musk’s delight. To facilitate further usage of non-Tesla electric vehicle models, V4 Superchargers are being set up in multiple selections within the US. This particular charging station is fully equipped with a CCS1, Magic Dock, extended cables and a point-of-sale reader so that Electric Vehicle proprietors can make payments sans the Tesla mobile application.

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