Tesla’s Leaked Cybertruck Interior: Not for Viewing

Showing Charging and Range Info on Screen

The inside of the Tesla Cybertruck was featured in a clip that Tesla is not happy to have shared. It appears they plan on rescinding any and all invites (if you’re lucky enough to possess one, please let us know at contact@insideevs.com) to their showcase event scheduled for November 30 if the footage gets circulated around.

Over on X, Jeremy Judkins shared the video which first saw the light of day on TikTok. He emphasised that he is not attending the get-together for the Cybertruck, so he had nothing at stake and plenty to gain with regards to impressions.

Until now, the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck had not been recorded in photos or videos. Its exterior, on the contrary, seems to be accessible for such actions. It is uncertain who took this particular recording- by all indications, it was first shared by @teslatowntexas on the TikTok platform.

It’s not possible to make any decisive conclusions from the reading on the lorry’s screen, however it is quite acceptable to make conjectures. All we can make out is the interface on the display and an unornamented internal.

We had a closer inspection of the rear seating region of the Cybertruck that was elevated and what it seemed to be an encasing for the automobile. Additionally, we did see the tonneau lid working another time.

Have a gander at the motion pictures and see whether anything seizes your attention, and grip up to remarks to let us be made aware.

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