Thailand’s Car Festival: Glorious Chaos!

Cars Abound at Under Up Fest: Vans Drag Ready

The automotive realm of Japan may be seen as one of the most impressive around, however, Thailand’s should be justly credited too. CB Media had a chance to go to one of the largest motor vehicle festivals in the Land of Smiles and the ambience was bedlam; albeit, it was all good chaos.

This year’s Connection Thailand Under Up celebration showcased a variety of autos, from the most sought-after JDMs like the Nissan Skyline GT-R series to exceptionally embellished vans with opulent inside designs.

A multitude of Mazda RX-7 FDs took part, and these were some of the neatest you’ll ever come across in your existence. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Japanese Domestic Market shindig without the renowned RX-7 Veilside present.

Thailand's Biggest Car Festival! This Could Never Happen in the US!

Electric vehicles from Tesla, like the Model 3, were prominently featured at the festival. Few drivers would be willing to customize their EVs in fear of reducing battery life, but Thai automotive enthusiasts seemed unconcerned by this issue.

Two commonly neglected treasures also partook in the gaiety. We are referring to the Mazda RX-8 and Volkswagen Scirocco. The former was be the terminal rotary Mazda, whereas the latter was a playful, spirited hatchback that the US sadly never had because VW was apprehensive it would diverge sales away from the Golf GTI.

Apart from the vast array of automobiles presented by a variety of car clubs, the event also included races, like drag and drift contests. What’s even wilder is that dragsters participated in the drag race without donning a helmet – something which would never be permitted in a formally-sanctioned competition in America.

The iconic Toyota Hiace and Commuter vans became a highlight at the drag racing occasion. A month ago, CB Media attended an event of the same kind, with vehicles donned with emergency services designs such as an ambulance or a fire engine – a special sight to be noted! As if the intensity of it wasn’t enough, a BMW M2 driver soon realised that his capability was no match for what he was up against. Miraculously, several autos were damaged but more astonishingly he survived without any handicaps.

This exhilarating celebration demonstrates how the Thai people are daringly pushing boundaries to cultivate a vibrant yet lively car culture. It is certainly an unexpected situation for a nation whose capital experiences the agonizing sluggishness of travelling a mere three miles in a span of nearly an hour in a Toyota van.

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