EV ProMaster Ram from Stellantis Launches 2021.

Ram Introduces Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Lineup.

Today, Stellantis revealed its all-new range of commercial motor vehicles. As part of their Pro One program, the new corporate name for its light commercial vehicle offerings that merges six different brands, they have unveiled a dozen new products – such as the Fiat E-Ducato that is likely to give us insight into the Ram ProMaster EV model. The entire North American lineup from Ram will supposedly be relaunched later in 2021.

Ram is anticipated to reveal the electronic ProMaster EV before the close of 2023. The revived commercial lineup belonging to Ram will incorporate the 1500 REV by late in 2024, being one of the four electric pickups produced by Stellantis specifically designated for business customers. Additionally, Fiat and numerous other companies craft trucks. When it comes to providing more insight into its upcoming electric van and pickup range intended for North America, Stellantis has declared that details will be made available at an undetermined date in the future.

Today marked the debut of the brand-new 2024 Fiat E-Ducato, boasting a substantial 110 Kilowatt-hour battery that has an impressive 261 miles generally reachable. Speculations continue to circulate that the anticipated ProMaster EV, which was initially slated for discharge in the initial six months, will be rather accompanying the E-Ducato found on the European market. Stellantis announced that this futuristic electric vehicle entails a 30 percent greater range than its predecessor, with up to 270 horsepower and 302 pound-feet (410 Newton-meters) of torque.

The van is equipped with a brand new charging setup, featuring two onboard chargers. The ultra-fast system, capable of replenishing the battery in just over half an hour, is the latest in battery-electric vehicle propulsion technology from Pro One. This state-of-the-art tech encompasses the small, medium, and large lineups of their six diverse companies.

Within the smaller segment, a battery-powered delivery van from Stellantis may offer up to 205 miles of driving distance. The bigger vans can be equipped with packs containing either 50 or 75 kilowatts per hour of energy that would provide an approximate 224 miles of range. Furthermore, the biggest vehicles in the line-up can also reach a maximum 261 miles on one battery charge, as tested by the WLTP standards.

Stellantis is introducing its next generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology to the market. Their mid-size vans, which will launch in 2024, are set to benefit from the technology, offering up to 249 miles of range. Additionally, this cutting edge tech will be made available for their large vans, boasting even greater distances of up to 311 miles that can be recharged in just five minutes. Furthermore, these developments are expected to manifest in the US, with Ram vehicles likely to be some of the first to receive this brand new capability.

The most recent models of commercial vans present updates to the interior with a novel edition of the automaker’s human-machine interface. It boasts bigger customisable instrument panels and central displays, which collaborate with the Dynamic Surround Vision camera technology. Over-the-air updating is now achievable as well, with these new commercial vans equipped with full LED headlights for improved lighting.

We are filled with anticipation to witness Stellantis’ revisions for the Ram, the ProMaster EV, as well as many more in our nation.

Source: Stellantis

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