The Journey of Cadillac Racing to Le Mans in 2023

Chronicling a Motorsports Team: From V Series.R Creation to Endurance Racing

Cadillac’s V-Series.R marked the brand’s comeback in the 24 hours of Le Mans after a hiatus of over two decades. Following triumphs in the North American IMSA GTP class, the vehicle achieved a podium finish at the iconic French endurance race. The journey to this achievement was challenging. To grasp the extent of the challenges faced, one can view Cadillac’s latest documentary documenting the experience.

Named Imperfect Equation, the movie chronicles Cadillac Racing as they aim to achieve victories in races across the Atlantic. The car manufacturer dropped a preview for the film on Thursday, showcasing not just the racing itself, but also the creation, advancement, engineering, and experimentation of the V-Series.R.

No Perfect Formula | Official Trailer | Cadillac Racing

The Cadillac LMDh vehicle stands out for being both alike and completely different from its rivals. While other leading car manufacturers have chosen smaller turbocharged engines for the GTP class, Cadillac has stuck with a naturally aspirated engine. This unique choice, coupled with its cross-plane crankshaft, contributes to its distinctive sound.

The most recent set of hypercar rules in IMSA and WEC has led to the most thrilling sports car competition in a long time. A film documenting the journey of any of these teams would make for compelling viewing. However, the real delight lies in delving into the inner workings of the sole American team competing in the top echelons of motor racing.

“No Flawless Equation” will premiere for free on Samsung TV Plus and also on Hagerty’s Facebook page starting on May 31st.

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