’90s Supercharged Sports Sedan: Forgotten Gem

2nd Gen Pontiac Grand Prix GXP: Undiscovered Potential?

The Fast Lane is known for its variety of Automotive-related material on its dissimilar YouTube channels. Just recently, according to their Classics channel, they feel that the Second Gen Pontiac Grand Prix is the ultimate performance sedan ever created, which could potentially be a contentious declaration to some people.

The bigger and better Grand Prix GTP edition really packs a punch, getting frequently bypassed in the sports saloon sector, primarily due to its V6 engine plus supercharger beneath the bonnet. But still, there is plenty for enthusiasts of this sporty sedan to look forward to.

THIS Is the Best Sedan GM Ever Made. Go Ahead & Disagree!

The base version of the Grand Prix featured a 3.1 liter V6 with circa 175 horsepower. The GT model, however, provided you with the Series 2 V6 engine which TopSpeed claims is one of the most dependable V6 motors ever built. Maximum output was increased to 200 hp and by upgrading to the GTP, this was supplemented by a supercharger addition; boosting the power even further up to a substantial 240 hp as well as an impressive 280 lb-ft of torque. Although opinions are divided on the automobile’s styling, it undeniably has an exceptional powertrain.

One of the major drawbacks of the Grand Prix has been its not-so-luxurious interior. While at the time it was developed, GM was known to produce low budget materials and parts; the sound emitted from the cupholders as well as the dials along with the knobs inside the car felt cheap and clunky. Nevertheless, the use of a cool boost gauge in the middle of the instrument cluster has some appeal, given that it is an everyday sedan equipped with a supercharging engine.

Brendan of TFL declares that this sedan delivers a smooth ride and incredible driving performance, along with the extra benefit of a supercharger. Experiencing it on the highway reveals how quickly and gracefully the Grand Prix can accelerate. Furthermore, it is lighter than corresponding BMWs of its era.

It is a cozy car, and for its epoch, the Grand Prix GTP was quite swift. Expectations have markedly increased in 2023, but Brendan only forked out $1,300 for his Grand Prix GTP, which makes it an excellent choice for those in search of a smidgen of enjoyment without spending a fortune.

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