The Ram 1500: Its Clock Is Ticking

Ram’s Pickup: Last Mile Approaching?

The Ram 1500 Classic has had an existence since 2008, beginning as the former Dodge Ram. It has been going strong for fifteen years, however the Classic variant potentially is likely to shortly become castoff.

The release of the upgraded lineup of 1500 trucks by Ram for the model year 2025 has sparked much interest. An array of updates to the appearance, motor, and a brand-new luxury trim have been seen. Unluckily, there is yet to be any news regarding the Classic version, and exploring Ram’s website yields no more information.

All RAM models – apart from the TRX and Classic – can be acquired as 2023 and 2024 model years. The aforementioned two are just offered as 2023 models. We now have knowledge that the TRX is coming back for the MY2024, so it might be imaginable that the Classic could continue existing another year.

We reached out to Ram regarding the status of the 1500 Classic and were informed that “we are not commenting on Ram 1500 Classic at this time.” Therefore, we must wait for an official statement before making any assumptions.

Presently, the 1500 Classic is accessible with two motors: the base 3.6-liter V6 and the 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Unluckily, this latter will be withdrawn for MY2025 in the 1500, so there’s a good possibility the engine could disappear from the Classic range in the near future. This could lead to consumers just having the single powertrain selection, restraining its desirability for many people.

It could stay the same without the V8, but the truth is that the Classic’s design are roots trace back and may need a small refresh. This might be why Ram has yet to showcase the 2024 range on its website, possibly due to expectation of a slightly modernized version. If this is the objective, then we don’t think there will be much changes.

Let us not fail to remember that Ram is the only major American producer of trucks without a midsize or petite pickup on its catalogue. Ford has the Ranger and the Maverick, Chevy the Colorado, with GMC having the Canyon in the same class. The Ram 1500 Classic — bigger compared to both, yet a bit aged — can be near-consistent to those when it comes to cost, taking into account that its Tradesman trim has an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) beginning at $32,345.

It appears that Stellantis is now introducing the Rampage model to their lineup for South America. Reports suggest it is also intended to be brought to North America, albeit with a few adjustments. If so, Ram consumers have the potential to secure a more current, smaller and inexpensive pickup truck.

Should the Classic dodge the automotive retirement home, many patrons would be sorrowful at its absence due to the unparalleled combination of robustness, inexpensive cost, and capacity. We hope it remains around for a while yet.

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