The revamped Subaru WRX solidifies its reputation.

Unleashing the WRX: Setting the Bar High in a Real Stage Rally Challenge

Numerous fans argue that the Subaru WRX has lost its edge. The latest model seems to have shifted away from being a high-performance vehicle and now resembles a regular Impreza sedan with added turbo power. The decision to discontinue the STI model only adds to these sentiments. However, the WRX is still capable of impressing on a rally course. This video serves as evidence.

The Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire recently had the opportunity to test out a new WRX to determine if its legacy remains intact. According to instructor and host Wyatt Knox, the car’s standard all-wheel drive system performed just as anticipated, being described as “pretty darn perfect.”

Knox mentions that the WRX, with its 272 horsepower, exceeded his expectations in terms of speed, particularly when compared to more potent STIs he has driven previously. He attributes the impressive performance on gravel to Subaru’s entirely mechanical power distribution system, noting that it is finely tuned straight from the factory.

While it’s unlikely that most WRX owners will have their car take flight, Knox assures that the vehicle handles jumps “really well,” maintaining a level trajectory through the air so that the nose doesn’t hit the ground first upon landing. This characteristic is essential for a proper rally car performance.

Not surprisingly, the WRX dominates all other competitors in the timed stage course summer leaderboard at Team O’Neil, posting a time that is two seconds faster than the next closest vehicle, a CanAm Maverick side-by-side. This confirms that even without the STI model, the WRX remains the top performer among street-legal rally cars… at least until Team O’Neil evaluates the GR Corolla under similar conditions.

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