The Rolls-Royce Cullinan: A Stormtrooper-Inspired Design

The upgraded Cullinan Black Badge boasts 600-horsepower and a stunning new look.

Even the most opulent SUV in the world requires occasional enhancements. Rolls-Royce’s top-selling model is receiving a dramatic refresh for 2025, featuring a revamped front fascia. This surprisingly daring change is bound to spark debate. Accompanying the updated Cullinan is the more powerful Black Badge version, equipped with a boosted V-12 engine producing 600 horsepower right from its launch.

Now named as the Cullinan Series II, the luxurious SUV features updated headlights with elongated LED daytime running lights. The extended DRLs cascade down on the bumper, giving the front fascia a more commanding (yet perhaps unusual) appearance. It appears that BMW Group, the parent company, is willing to experiment with bold designs for its high-end brand. Unlike the BMW X7, there are no divided light tricks, but the transformation is equally divisive.

The front bumper of the vehicle has a unique appearance, not just the headlights. Rolls-Royce decided to remove the slim air intakes that used to flank the grille. As a result, there is now a large flat area that seems to call for some type of decorative element. Additionally, the lower air intakes have been redesigned and are now slightly angled, with the oversized radar sensor still positioned below the license plate.

Rolls-Royce (RR) has stated that the new vertical design is inspired by “illuminated skyscrapers in the megacities” where the Cullinan is gaining popularity. The SUV now features a illuminated grille similar to other models in the company’s lineup and some BMW vehicles. Additionally, the introduction of impressive 23-inch wheels marks a significant milestone for the model. To complete the exterior updates, the new Emperador Truffle paint color adds a touch of sophistication.

Likewise, the Cullinan Black Badge undergoes a divisive transformation with distinctive 23-inch wheels. This marks the initial Black Badge edition to sport such oversized alloys, showcasing 10 intricately woven spokes. Several exterior details–like the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem–now exude a more menacing black hue. Additional dark trim components are present, and you have the option to opt for a completely blacked-out version of the imposing grille.

The interior configuration remains the same as the pre-update Cullinan. However, now nestled beneath the analog clock is the Spirit of Ecstasy, ensuring your chauffeur is aware they are not driving an ordinary BMW X7. The dashboard in the Black Badge model features carbon fiber trim with a luxurious six coats of lacquer. Each of the 23 pieces is meticulously hand-polished to attain a reflective finish that requires 21 days to achieve.

The Black Badge is featured here with a striking Duality Twill leather interior that boasts an impressive 2.2 million stitches and 11 miles of thread. For the ultimate luxury experience, the 2025 Cullinan offers the option of 107,000 perforations ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 millimeters. One can only wonder about the individual tasked with tallying up all those minuscule holes in the seat’s upholstery.

It is still possible to have the Cullinan with seven seats if you choose to have the individual rear seats placed in the storage area. These seats can only be utilized when the luxurious SUV is not in motion, and they are positioned beside a small table for champagne, caviar, or any other preferences of affluent individuals.

Both the traditional Cullinan and Black Badge models feature the esteemed twelve-cylinder motor. Nevertheless, the twin-turbo 6.75-liter V-12 is facing a limited future as Rolls-Royce has committed to transitioning to fully electric vehicles by 2030.

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