Tiny 4×4: 0.0175L Engine Makes This R/C Off-Roader the Ultimate Miniature Ride!

Upgrade Your RC Fun: Combustion Engine and Transmission Now Available!

There is an inexplicable allure to tiny internal combustion engines that captivates us. Despite their diminutive size, they pack a punch and emit a roar akin to their substantially larger counterparts. However, it’s a rarity to come across these impressive motors installed in small cars. Fortunately, that trend is starting to shift.

In a recent video, YouTuber JohnnyQ90 documented his project of replacing the V-twin engine in an outdated RC 4×4 with a more powerful 17.5-cc four-cylinder unit equipped with a three-speed manual transmission. While this may seem like a simple swap, it proved to be a much more challenging task than just mounting the new engine and calling it a day for Johnny. He faced the challenges of reconfiguring the car’s compact cooling system, finding a suitable exhaust routing, and completely rewiring the vehicle. Despite these obstacles, Johnny’s perseverance paid off as the end result turned out to be nothing short of impressive.

Fitting a Miniature 4 CYLINDER Engine (17.5cc) + Gearbox on the 4x4!

The motor is produced by a corporation known as Cison and has a price tag of approximately $1,000 when not including a transmission. The four-speed (including reverse) gear mechanism is also manufactured by Cison and carries a price of around $450. Notably, the transmission boasts a 3D-printed aluminum casing, demonstrating the decreasing costs of this type of technology to the extent that it is now a viable option for use in small engines and similar mechanical systems.

The servos in this miniature off-road vehicle effectively control its transmission and throttle through remote control operation. However, due to its small size, the performance is not particularly impressive. Despite this, it still manages to successfully navigate over a curb without sustaining any damage. And let’s not forget the moment of triumph as it effortlessly conquers a discarded napkin on the roadside. It’s certainly a refreshing change from the typical electric motor sound, as the RC car emits a satisfying rumble reminiscent of a four-cylinder engine.

In the end, this small truck is simply a unique and intriguing item. Just like high-performance sports cars, miniature automobiles with functioning engines serve little practical purpose. However, their undeniable fascination warrants their existence.

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