Tiny V-8 Engine and Functional Transmission in This RC Car

Toyan’s 28cc Nitro V-8 effortlessly burns rubber during testing.

At long last, the moment has arrived. After years of anticipation, the diminutive 28cc nitro-powered V-8 Toyan engine has found its perfect match in a chassis. While a body has yet to be added, this means we can now witness the engine in full throttle as it sends the radio-controlled car into dizzying spins.

The smoke visible in the latest JohnnyQ90 video is not coming from the tires. It remains unclear whether this was planned, however, the muffler features two exhaust pipes positioned behind the wheels. Bluish clouds emerge whenever the throttle is pressed, creating the impression of tire burnouts accompanied by a thunderous V-8 soundtrack. And indeed, it thunders. The tone may be slightly elevated, but it remains impressive.

RC V8 (1:5 Scale) Test RUN!

This remote control car is equipped with an electric starter on the remote, which comes in handy due to its tendency to stall. The exact cause of this problem is unclear, but viewers of the video have put forth various theories. The stalling only occurs when the car is turning sharply, yet with rear-wheel drive, it easily drifts sideways without any issues. One theory is that there may be a fuel starvation issue that could potentially be resolved by pressurizing the fuel tank. This is a commonly used method for single-cylinder nitro engine RC cars.

Some individuals believe that the issue is related to the clutch. Indeed, this compact V-8 vehicle is equipped with a working clutch. At the beginning of the video, the clutch is engaged too abruptly, causing the car to stall. When the engine speed decreases significantly during sharper turns, there might not be sufficient torque to push through, resulting in a stall. Observers suggest that this could be the problem since the car restarts immediately after shutting off. A potential fuel deprivation issue could make restarting a bit more challenging.

In any event, this compact V-8 powerhouse appears to be a ton of excitement. We are eagerly anticipating witnessing a finished vehicle with a frame tearing through parking lots. Given its front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, what style of body would suit this V-8 chassis? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Source: JohnnyQ90 / YouTube

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