TOM’s Racing Supra Restomod Coming To Tokyo Auto Salon

Rest Assured: Classic Toyota Experts

Tachi Oiwa Motor Sport, known familiarly as TOM’S Racing here in Japan, will be evoking nostalgia at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon with a reimagined Toyota Supra. At this point in time, all we’re aware of is the base vehicle for this build and it’s none other than the oft-classed A80 Supra – crept into its place among the greats on the automotive landscape during the 1990s.

The Supra A80 restomod unveiled by TOM’s features an attractive silhouette. It appears that the company has a more subtle approach compared to those customizations on Liberty Walk, as the car has a sleek look to it, foregoing any rear spoiler usually seen in A80 Supra modifications.

Though still waiting to be revealed, its guaranteed that TOM’S will astound us with an amazing car. Exemplified by the GR Corolla, it’s almost certain that we’ll be presented with a Supra mod at the Salon. Moreover, they will present us with its debuting variant of the Toyota Alphard, customized to a lower-sitting and sporty appeal. Furthermore, what we can make out from the sketch sketches is that a Lexus LM, along with a Prius will also feature at the Salon in 2024, both as black silhouettes much like the previously mentioned Supra.

We recognize that the Prius is ripe for some aftermarket alterations, and we look forward to seeing what fresh adaptations lie ahead for the multi-fuel hatchback.

In addition, the firm is exhibiting two of the vehicles previously presented at 2023 SEMA exhibition. These are the GR Corolla and Lexus IS500, both of them featuring comprehensive TOM’S exterior refinements.

The action-packed Tokyo Auto Salon occasion is anticipated to take place from January 12th until the 14th in 2024. Major automotive entities including Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota and Lexus are scheduled to attend, as well as several smaller companies like DAMD. Until then we simply must await with anticipation and bated breath.

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