Modified MR2 Takes on Supra in Drag Battle: K20-Swap vs A80

MR2: Another Toyota Beast, Smaller But Mighty!

For those longing for the glory days of analog sports cars in the 1990s, this exhilarating drag race featuring a Toyota Supra A80 and a Toyota MR2 is sure to strike a nostalgic chord. While it may be glaringly apparent that there is a discrepancy in power between these two siblings, both have been given a variety of upgrades to level the playing field.

Check out the video below as a turbocharged Supra A80, equipped with its original 2JZ inline-six engine, goes head to head in a race against an MR2 sporting a turbocharged Honda K20.The footage captures these two high-performance vehicles battling it out on the track. The Supra A80 is known for its iconic and powerful 2JZ engine, which has been modified to include a turbocharger. The MR2, on the other hand, has swapped out its original engine for a turbocharged Honda K20, making it a worthy competitor.Although both cars have boosted engines, they have very different power delivery characteristics. The Supra’s 2JZ engine produces a monstrous amount of low-end torque, allowing it to quickly take off from the start line. On the other hand, the MR2’s K20 engine delivers power in a more linear fashion, building up speed gradually.As the race begins, the Supra takes an early lead due to its impressive torque. However, the MR2 quickly catches up and the battle between the two becomes neck and neck. It’s a thrilling sight to see these two cars going at it, each showcasing their unique strengths.In the end, it’s a close call, but the

The performance-enhanced Supra A80 has been modified to produce a maximum output of 560 horsepower, while the MR2’s Honda K20 motor can achieve up to 520 hp. Surprisingly, these two vehicles have not undergone internal engine modifications and are still equipped with their original components. However, both have been equipped with upgraded ECUs, fuel injectors, and clutch systems.


The Supra A80 possesses a modified flywheel and an upgraded fuel pump, while the MR2 is equipped with aftermarket injectors and a priority wastegate manifold by CRS Race Fab. Additionally, the Supra boasts a limited-slip differential, whereas the MR2 utilizes an open diff. However, weighing in at only 2,755 lbs, the smaller Toyota is considerably lighter than the bulky 3,527 lbs Supra A80.

The initial quarter-mile rolling-start competition had a fairly tight start, but as soon as the MR2 got into its stride, it surged ahead for the victory. In the second race, the Supra managed to gain an early advantage, however, the MR2 once again secured the triumph with its abundance of high-speed performance.

During the standing-start drag races, a familiar narrative played out. The MR2 dominated in both runs, with a staggering three car length lead in the first race.

According to the driver of the Supra, the MR2’s top speed was described as “insane.” A Vbox Motorsport timer recorded the Toyota MR2’s quickest quarter-mile time at 12.85 seconds, with an impressive end speed of 127.46 mph. In comparison, the Supra achieved a time of 13.18 seconds with an exit speed of 121.38 mph. Additionally, the MR2 has been noted for its faster acceleration, with a 0-60 mph sprint taking only 5.47 seconds. The Supra’s fastest 0-60 mph time was slightly slower at 5.59 seconds.

Overall, it is an impressive display of performance from these two iconic 1990s Japanese vehicles. If only more people would utilize them for their intended purpose.

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