Toyota FJ Cruiser: Tiny Home for Big Adventures

Exploring with the FJ Cruiser: Perfect for Adventurers!
Solo female living in overlander SUV! Off-road & remote work

Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve come across imposing varieties that are as big as a legitimate home but travel on wheels, along with ones at the opposite end of the scale that demonstrate to us that leading a nomadic existence does not always require an immense vehicle. However, the type of lifestyle one chooses to lead will generally decide the size and abilities of their motor home.

Inhabiting a 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Overlander SUV, Juliana has embraced a lifestyle of full-time life on the highway. She was highlighted on Tiny House Giant Journey and makes her living as an Onyx Off-Road pathfinder, earning a living that lets her maintain her chosen moving existence.

Juliana has articulated that although life on the highway can be stressful sometimes, she believes it grants her independence. Her undeniable yearning to traverse alluring and tough landscapes of America sought an exceptionally skilled 4×4, thus elucidating why she selected such a vehicle.

Juliana fondly refers to her FJ Cruiser motorhome as “Wreck,” a shortened version of “Recycle,” since everything on the vehicle is either recycled, no longer available, or reduced in price. She has made numerous changes to her Toyota SUV, such as adding a bison gear roof rack, solar panels, and zip-tied headlights and lights. The roof rack is still a work in progress, but Juliana has storage containers mounted on it which she uses to store her possessions. The solar panels on the roof of her vehicle give her 200 watts of power.

Living on the highway can be testing, Juliana admits, peculiarly when one doesn’t have access to such facilities as a restroom or running water. However, she opts to live in the moment and exist with the rhythm of life, not agonizing over what her future may entail. She relishes the sense of independence and vivacity that this lifestyle renders.

Juliana’s FJ Cruiser Overland mini abode may not be the most opulent or roomy, but it enables her to actualize her dream of touring the grand outdoors and thriving on the path. She encourages fellows to think about alternative ways of living and to locate what brings them zest for life.

Source: Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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