Toyota GR Corolla Stunts in The Shoot

GR Model Stars in Epic The Pitch Finale

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division has unveiled the last installment of its “The Pitch” campaign of commercials, taking a lighthearted jab at advertising departments’ ideas for sports cars such as the GR Corolla. This amusing video series provides an entertaining look at how some marketing pitches for cars can be taken to the extreme.

Previous chapters featured “The Pitch” and “The Focus Group,” where different GR models in the lineup were highlighted through daring stunts such as sending a GR Supra soaring 100 feet in the air or drifting the GR86 through an empty mall.

“The Shoot” moves its attention to the freshest addition to the GR family, the GR Corolla, and showcases pro drivers exhibiting stunts that are reminiscent of those seen in action movies, at captivating spots such as the backdrop of an old Western movie and a snow-covered landscape being pursued by a helicopter.

"The Shoot" | 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Commercial | Toyota

“The Shoot” has some of the top pro drifters in the business on board, including Ken Gushi, Fredric Aasbo, and Ryan Tuerck – who recently showed us how to drift in a four-minute video – and these three GR models are ready to take to the streets for some amazing stunts.

No computer-generated imagery (CGI) was employed throughout any of the driving sequences, which all took place at places like Diamond V Film Ranch and Golden Oak Studio in California, with external filming conducted from Strawberry Pinnacles nearby Park City, Utah.

Sweatpants Media and Toyota Gazoo Racing have come together for an entertaining video series, bringing out the amusing component of a brand that has previously reinvented itself and is one of the more well-known sports car manufacturers in the United States.

“When we began this series, we brainstormed ideas and then presented them to a focus group,” said producer Elliott Perrigo. “The next step was to involve the audience in the process, so we took them along to the set as we shot the commercial. It’s been a remarkable journey over the past few years and we’re thrilled to be able to bring it to a close together!”

Between now and August, you’ll likely come across “The Shoot” on various social media sites, generating more enthusiasm for the GR Corolla, which has already experienced remarkable demand.

Featuring a thrilling 300 horsepower output of a one point six-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission and 4WD system, the GR Corolla stands out in the little league when it comes to driving pleasure, clinching the Affordable Fun category of 2022 CarBuzz Awards. Atop the line is the two-seat Morizo Edition elevated to a whole new level through additional torque of 22 lb-ft along with enhanced gear ratios and further reinforced chassis – an irresistible combo that made it revered from its first day of launch. We simply can’t wait to find out more about the approaching special editions!

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