Toyota Land Cruiser: NASCAR V8 Power for SEMA

Rebuilding the FJ Bruiser: Transforming an Old Truck into an Off-Road Beast
"FJ Bruiser" - SEMA Build Episode 1 | Toyota

After taking a substantial hiatus from availability in the United States, the storied Toyota Land Cruiser returns for 2024. The carmaker marked its comeback by constructing an incredible FJ45 Land Cruiser pickup into a supremely rugged and competent rock-crawling off-road rig for this year’s SEMA Show. Dubbed the FJ Bruiser, it is a truly spectacular vehicle.

A disparate foursome uncovered a dilapidated 1966 FJ45 as the foundation of this project. The vehicle was not capable of working and had lost its grille and bonnets. What’s more, its cargo bed was also abysmal. This decrepit condition made it pinnacle for a restoration; rather than have it remain in miserable shape, it should be completely renovated.

The visuals on this video indicate a masterful design. From what can be appreciated in the graphics, this truck appears absolutely extraordinary with its voluminous wheels protruding from the fenders and an opening in the bonnet for providing the engine some airway. Furthermore, the rear also offers a partial view of the frame and the makers want to retain the stock tailgate.

Whereas the first edition FJ45 contained an engine that produced 125 hp generated by a 3.9 liters inline-six, the recently released FJ Bruiser has been modified to include TRD’s NASCAR-specific V8. This high-powered machine is estimated to generate around 725 HP however, the exact measurements of this particular switch up have not yet been divulged. Apart from its increased performance capabilities, one thing is certain–the sound coming out of the FJ Bruiser should be quite intimidating!

The vehicle will rest on a personalized tube framework to carry the monumental increase in engine power. The employees employed CAD programs to virtually design the frame prior to fabricating it. A CNC machine was used for some of the attachment points.

For those unfamiliar with the Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up, it may be because the vehicle had a small production stretch from 1963 until 1967 sold throughout the United States. Short- and long-bed variants of the pick-up could be found.

The people in charge of assembling the FJ Bruiser were also instrumental in crafting Tacozilla (shown atop) at the 2021 SEMA Exhibition. This particular truck was designed to honour the original Toyota Pickup-based Chinook campers released during the 1970s. The modern-day interpretation of this classic included features that workers consider helpful for off-roading, such as enhancing the suspension lift by 2 inches and attaching a winch on the front side. Moreover, the interior space conveniently accommodated a wooden bed with an eating area, and small kitchenette. As is often the case for most SEMA vehicles, ventilation was not available on this particular model as it was a one-time build.

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