Toyota Land Cruiser – Six Figures, Ultra-Low Miles.

1997 Land Cruiser: Worth the Price?

Those familiar with the Toyota Land Cruiser will recognize it as an icon among 4x4s. Enthusiasts are often eager to buy a FZJ80 model that was introduced in the 1990s. Fortunately for them, a truly immaculate example is being sold on Bring A Trailer. Indeed, this vehicle looks almost brand new, with its odometer reading just 4,660 miles.

Nevertheless, it comes with a price. As of the writing, there are just five days to go and a current high offer posted at $105,700—which confirms that it is an expensive antique sport utility vehicle. So, would it be worthwhile? Here’s an assessment.

Presented in lustrous Pearl White, the first possessor of this 1997 edition opted for the popular gold badging package – a commonplace enhancement during the 90s. In contrast to the modern Sequoia model, the Land Cruiser has an impressive level of minimalism.

The exterior of the Land Cruiser is awe-inspiring, with its gray-hued bumpers and 16-inch alloys. In spite of its modernity though, it remains as functional and straightforward as an original classic should.

Beneath the hood resides a 4.5L inline-six motor that puts out 212hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. This is not stunningly dynamic, yet the 1FZ-FE is well-known for its unparalleled sturdiness and dependability. In reality, numerous have gone as far as 300,000 miles without any major difficulties. Energy is sent to all four wheels utilizing the laid-back four-speed automatic transmission.

It may take some time for the Land Cruiser to arrive somewhere, but there is no place that cannot be reached with an FZJ80. This specific one is specially equipped with a two-way dispersion gearbox, a locking center differential and chunky Michelin Defender LTX M/S 75/70 tires.

No doubt, the interior contains plenty of seating for multiple passengers and features the opulences of a 1990s automobile.

The three different ranks of seats are upholstered in a light oak hue in leather fabric, along with the front chairs having power-modifying abilities. Luxury components such as a CD/cassette audio system, climate control, faux wooden emblems, and a sunroof are also included in this bundle.

We forecast the closing price to go over the $110,000 boundary, which is an enormous expenditure for a 26-year-old expedition vehicle. It would be appealing to discover if the victorious offeror utilizes this Land Cruiser for its designed purpose or squirrels it away as a time capsule. We’re anticipating on the latter.

Unfortunately, Toyota USA has made the decision to not release their fresh LC300 domestically, claiming that the upcoming Sequoia would cover the vacancy left by the old Land Cruiser. Gossip has circulated implying the legendary off-roader was going to arrive again and recently Toyota affirmed it will return – but whether or not we will obtain the genuine article or a relabeled variation of the Lexus GX (generally named the Prado in other regions) is yet to be acknowledged.

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