Toyota & Lexus Recall: Millions Impacted

Do Not Sit in Front of Toyota Until Repaired

Despite their otherwise remarkable reputation, Toyota and Lexus have recently had to issue consecutive recalls due to issues with airbag malfunctioning. The affected vehicles include 2020-2022 Toyota and Lexus, as well as 2022-2023 Corolla Cross models. This large-scale recall demonstrates the worldwide reach of the problem.

Toyota is initiating a voluntary recall of approximately one million models, encompassing the 2020-2021 Avalon and Avalon Hybrid; 2020-2022 Camry and Camry Hybrid; 2020-2021 Corolla; 2020-2021 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid; 2020-2021 RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid; and the 2021 Sienna Hybrid.

In terms of Lexus automobiles, the roster contains the 2021 ES250, 2020 to 2022 ES300H, 2020 to 2021 ES350, 2020 to 2021 RX350, and 2020 to 2021 RX450h.

According to the Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer, an inadequacy in producing Occupant Classification System (OCS) sensors in the front traveler seat might happen, possibly causing a short-circuit. If this is so, the airbag could neglect to work if necessary, representing a perilous circumstance for any eventuality of an accident.

If problematic OCS units are located, at no charge, both Toyota and Lexus service providers will swap them out.

Approximately 12,600 2022-2023 Corolla Cross models could be impacted by a similar issue. This situation could see the front passenger airbag not deploying correctly due to an erroneous manufacturing procedure on the dashboard. Furthermore, not having an airbag deploy is just as serious as it rupturing.

Significantly, Toyota has recently implemented a recall for the Corolla Cross due to earlier inspection flaws that did not accurately detect which vehicles necessitated the correction.

Toyota dealerships will re-examine the malfunctioning part utilizing a refined technique. If the manufacturing defect is identified, they will replace the instrument panel free of charge.

By mid-February of next year, those affected by both cases of recall will be informed. Meanwhile, the car manufacturer firmly advises that no one should occupy the front passenger seat of the involved cars. It might be annoying, especially to individuals who utilize their vehicle for commuting with others, yet it makes a big contribution to security.

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