Toyota Unveils Le Mans Concept Car

Is Toyota’s Prius GRMN a Reality?

Toyota Gazoo Racing has declared multiple events for the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans, including the unveiling of “a concept car equipped with vehicle technologies that have been developed through numerous challenges in motorsports participation.” This year’s edition of the race will see Toyota Gazoo Racing’s commitment to developing and testing advanced vehicle technologies, as well as their dedication to racing excellence. The company is looking forward to showcasing their innovative concept car and the potential it holds for the future of motorsports.

Except for the several phrases cited above, Toyota did not offer any other information. But we have received an image divulging the bottom half of the imminent concept car’s front end. Judging from the air intake located above the plate sticker and the curves of the bumper, it looks like this could be the talked-about Toyota Prius GRMN – then again, maybe not. Even so, it’s crystal clear that, if equipped with a license plate holder, this prototype has to be a street-legal vehicle.

Toyota GAZOO Racing has launched their special website for the Le Mans 24 Hour event. This year marks the centenary of this iconic race, and to celebrate that Toyota GAZOO Racing is pushing the boundaries with their GR010 HYBRID car. On their unique website, visitors can explore details of the team and the groundbreaking technology that they will use to compete in the grueling race. Visit the site to get up close and personal with the amazing technology Toyota GAZOO Racing uses to #GoHyper!

The screenshot portrays a quartet of LEDs in each corner below, an ample central radiator fin, and a few canards atop the pointed out lighting fixtures. While these features are absolutely captivating, they do not go hand-in-hand with the production hypercar inspired by GR010. Nor do they appear to complement the Toyota GR GT3 Idea which is said to bring forth an upcoming Lexus performance car.

Still, the prospect is an enticing one, if it tap into its motor sport heritage. Thus far though, Toyota has not applied the Prius for any racing events; could the Prius GRMN utilise the hybrid tech that was established at Le Mans? Or, perhapsToyota is planning to power it with hydrogen? An alternate option might be a Corolla GR assimilating this type of performance enhancement system, which will also compete at Le Mans.

Toyota has recommended the concept of artificial fuels, yet our instinct is that we are likely to envision a vigorous Toyota Prius with a state-of-the-art crossbreed system, enhanced suspension, as well as possibly an LSD.

It appears that Mazda and Toyota are getting ready to offer something remarkable at the Circuit de la Sarthe on June 10-11. The event is expected to be accompanied by a spectacular display from the Japan National Tourism Organization in collaboration with Mazda, who achieved a significant landmark after winning the Le Mans race in 1991. Moreover, speculation has been building lately that both automakers have teamed up to bring to life an electric sports vehicle.

The remarkable Prius has been upgraded, and the idea of a coupé version with adept handing dynamics and lively performance would be quite alluring. We will be apprised if Toyota have similar desires in the near future.


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