Toyota’s Calty: Unveiling Ideas From The Past

Weird and Wonderful Creations

Toyota’s innovative Calty Design Research studio, stationed in California, has backed up publicity shots of four breath-taking hidden gems; an array of concept vehicles from times past, with one eccentric city car to a bold futuristic supercar. To set the scene, here’s the reveled look of the Future High Performance Concept.

Developed in 1989, the sleek design had a cutting-edge look with hidden front wheels and striking lines. The most eye-catching facet was the engine that could rise from the bodywork with just the press of a button. Not only did this help keep the engine cool, but also it was intended to flabbergast passersby. Other intriguing components included a driver’s side cockpit that was able to shut when the vehicle was parked, just like a Batmobile with a gun turret.

It’s remarkable to observe the evolution of this idea that occurred years back; indeed, some design qualities have even snuck their way into present-day Toyotas. We may sound peculiar to some, yet we perceive slight allusions of the GR Supra in the frontal facade .

Transitioning from sublime to the unusual, behold this extraordinary city car. Popularly known as the NYC Concept, this internal plan likely aimed at urban areas like New York City.

The vertical dimensions offering the NYC Concept its rather strange physical form guarantee that it doesn’t consume much room when cruising crowded cities in the imaginative world of Total Recall. Within, the automobile was supplied with a special type of seating for the front travelers. Implicitly, this semi-seated/upright position props up those inside just as if they were leaning on a fence or wall.

Imagining it might not be the most comforting experience, Toyota claims this desig allows one to be at eye level with passersby, thus increasing security. For the purpose of expanding cargo space, there is even an apt backseat that can be folded up. It’s certainly intriguing, but we’re glad it never hit the market; the arthropod-style look renders the Volkswagen Beetle unassuming in comparison.

This extraordinary shooting brake can’t be overlooked. When the joint venture Scion/Subaru released the FR-S (86/BRZ) in 2012, Calty determined to fabricate something amazing utilizing the platform: a graceful four-door shooting brake with a flat-four motor and all-wheel drive.

Renowned as the X86D, the design house reconfigured the coupe into an attractive shooting brake. This type of body has experienced resurgence recenctly. Its fronts wind up with convex rear wheel arcs which are supple and yet hardy and bestow upon it an alluring fagade in the back. The tail window has an uncommon contour balancing the copious diffuidor panel. Placed in-between them is a similarly prominent fascia insert with taillights, reminding us of the GR supra.

The interior of the car featured a layout centered around the driver, providing a decisive sports GT feel. In 2016, Toyota teased an exciting GT86 shooting brake idea. Perhaps it was this X86D that provided the influence?

Each year, Toyota debuts numerous EV concepts, and 2023 had a particular standout: the Land Cruiser EV. This concept, however, arrived ahead of the ever-popular Prius. Japanese firm Calty Design produced the miniature two-door to give the Toyota Motor Corporation an idea of what their future electric cars might look like.

Targeting city inhabitants, the small vehicle with a 2+2 structure would have been ideal for metropolitan individuals in demand of a tiny, thrifty automobile. Toyota depicts the car as featherweight, that likely would have enhanced capability and efficiency, much like the streamlined concept and slim tires.

It may not appear as exquisite as the initial Prius, yet it acted as a vision into what’s to come. This was one of Calty’s earliest earnest EV plans, however an economical and convenient electric vehicle couldn’t be more suitable for the U.S. nowadays. Maybe Toyota will be prodded by a past formation…

Previewed only a few months ago, the fascinating Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept car has been making a splash in the electric vehicle industry. Featuring 4 wheel-mounted motors, airless tire technology, and dual joysticks for full steering control – including the accelerator and brake – this ride provides a unique driving experience. Self-driving capabilities, augmented reality gaming, and more extras are also available, making it a must-see when it comes to cutting-edge electric vehicle innovation.

Nonetheless, we exhibit a captivation to this alternate layout concept put up on Instagram by the establishment. It demonstrates what could’ve been for the interior of the Land Cruiser, and gives the Sports Utility Vehicle a military feel, with an impeccable mix of traditional dials in the main panel and advanced displays all around.

We are thoroughly anticipating what is to come.

A post by CALTY Design Research (TOYOTA) was promoted on social media recently. This establishment is renowned for researching designs to enhance the overall experience of their consumers. Offering a meticulous approach to creative development, their methodologies integrate next-level technology with state-of-the-art aesthetics. Through their efforts, customers of all industries can benefit from their innovative discoveries.

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