Toyota’s Cheapest Europe EV: The Little Crossover

2024 Urban SUV Release Date Announced

At Toyota’s annual Kenshiki forum in Brussels, the carmaker unveiled its latest electric vehicle, a small crossover dubbed the “Urban SUV.” This EV will be the company’s entry point into full electrification when it launches in 2021. Even though Toyota is arriving late to the electric party, it has been signaling its zero-emission intentions with a plethora of concepts. The Urban SUV will join the hybrid and plug-in hybrid C-HR in the brand’s expanding lineup.

At 169.2 inches (4,300 millimeters) in length, 71.6 inches (1,820 mm) in width, and 63.7 inches (1,620 mm) in height, the Urban SUV concept is just a bit shorter and narrower, but a bit taller than the C-HR. It has been engineered with both front-wheel and all-wheel drive options, offering single- and dual-motor configurations. Customers will have two separate battery sizes to choose from, although Toyota has not yet divulged these details.

The basis for the Toyota Volvo EX30 is not compatible with a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle as the firm has declared that this competitor will be built on a distinct electric-powered platform. Mimicking the characteristic look of other bZ models, this concept has an undefined design, and though in theory it is just a concept, the manufacturing version may vary minimally. Another planned shift is from small cameras to standardized side mirrors.

By 2026, Toyota plans to have roughly 15 zero-emission models available in Europe for both its passenger and commercial vehicle segments. Making its official debut at Auto Shanghai this past year, the Sport Crossover has been confirmed for release here, in addition to last year’s bZ Compact SUV.

Between the present and 2026, Toyota aims to launch six devoted electric vehicles (EVs). It projects that approximately 20 percent of its yearly European distributions will include EVs by then. The automaker has performed calculations expecting to sell more than 250,000 incorporated-motor cars each year across Europe by the year 2026.

Toyota’s trek towards zero emissions will not be solely reliant on rechargeable battery-powered electric vehicles as its 3rd generation of fuel cell hydrogen technology is planned to arrive in 2026. To bridge the gap, the Hilux pick-up truck is being retrofitted with a 48V mild hybrid system by 2024.

Source: Toyota

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