Toyota’s GR Corolla Hot Hatch: Blue Flame Circuit Edition

Blue Flame Pocket Rocket: Unique Look, Reduced Weight

Toyota is re-introducing the Circuit Edition to the 2024 GR Corolla. This exclusive variant features a diet of carbon fiber and new wheels, lightening up the five-door AWD hatchback. Additionally, there are aesthetics changes to bring an updated look and further augmentations to the Blue Flame Circuit Edition. Power output will remain untouched at 300 hp for this potent hatchback.

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division is putting out three limited-edition product launches not to be missed. These consist of the Toyota GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition, and the Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition. These are sure to give all car enthusiasts something to get excited about!

The Circuit Edition for 2024 has a viable transformation, including the eye-catching Blue Flame color. Alternatively, Ice Cap White can again be seen. To minimize weight, features like carbon fiber components and 18 inch BBS wheels (taken from last year’s GR Corolla Morizo) are comprised of lightweight, forged aluminum.

Engineers have modified the front and rear bumpers to not only look better but also to optimize air circulation and boost steadiness. The rear suspension has been updated as well, completing the upgrade.

A major advancement for Toyota is their vented bulge hood, triple exhaust design, huge gloss-black rear spoiler, and other distinctive specifications from the prior Circuit Edition. Moreover, the Blue Flame version has exclusive enhancements. Topping off the list are blue accents on the shifter and also complementing needlework in the interior. What’s more, a superior JBL audio system is included as the standard option.

Toyota will be making 1,600 units of their new 2024 GR Corolla Blue Flame Circuit Edition available for the American market and have announced that the pricing details will be released closer to its release in the winter season.

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