Turning Concept into Reality: Genesis to Launch Neolun’s Suicide Doors for Production

Genesis’ Neolun concept features under review for potential production, says design chief SangYup Lee.

The Genesis Neolun concept offers a sneak peek at the potential GV90, an electric SUV that could serve as the brand’s flagship. As with most concept cars, the Neolun, which translates to “New Moon,” boasts some outlandish elements. These include a retractable roof rack, heated flooring, swiveling front seats, suicide doors, and a lack of B-pillars. These are typically features that do not make it to production, but SangYup Lee, Genesis’ chief designer, is determined to bring them to life.

In a recent interview with Motor1, a renowned car designer stated, “We don’t do a show car for show business.” He emphasized that every aspect of the design process is backed by thorough engineering research.

Manufacturing suicide doors is a task in itself. Rolls-Royce has been incorporating them into their vehicles for quite some time, and even the Ferrari Purosangue boasts a similar rear-swinging door feature. However, completely eliminating the B-pillar poses a much greater challenge. Without this vital component, ensuring the car’s structural rigidity and compliance with applicable crash-safety regulations becomes a daunting endeavor.

According to Lee, it is a simple task to achieve with a compact vehicle, as demonstrated by the previous generation BMW i3. He points out that the opening for this type of car is relatively small. “For a car like this, the roof must be sturdy enough to support its weight when it is rolled back,” he elaborates. “However, as the saying goes, never say never… Just imagine the spaciousness without the B-pillar. It would be perfect for pulling up to a glamorous concert with a red carpet entrance, or for a trip to the beach where the staging door opens up to a breathtaking view of the sea.” Lee’s vision is truly enchanting.

There are other impressive features to note. Lee takes great pride in the lights and badging, which seamlessly blend into the body. Running your hand over them, you won’t be able to distinguish where one ends and the other begins.

The Neolun was inspired by Korea’s moon jars and river stones. According to Lee, the idea came to him while carrying a highly polished river stone in his pocket. He wanted the surfaces of the Neolun to evoke the same feeling. As he puts it, “You should be able to recognize a Genesis vehicle even with your eyes closed. This is how you truly understand the character of Genesis.”

“This car is all about proportion, balance and volume,” stated Lee, emphasizing the design philosophy behind the Neolun and its eventual production model. As one can see, the vehicle boasts a remarkably sleek appearance with minimal sharp lines or creases, setting it apart from other large luxury SUVs on the market. This conscious decision to prioritize smoothness and fluidity in the Neolun’s design is a testament to its unique approach in the industry.

There is currently no set timeline for the release of Neolun by Genesis, but according to Lee, it will be available relatively soon. We can expect it to hit markets within a couple of years. It is hoped that all of the impressive aspects showcased in the concept car will make their way into the final production model.No specific timeframe has been announced for the production of Neolun by Genesis, however, Lee assured that it will arrive in the near future. It is estimated to launch within a few years. There is optimism that the luxurious features demonstrated in the prototype will be incorporated into the actual production version.

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