Genesis EV Cars Reach 15 US States

Good News: Electric Genesis Available Outside of California!

In a brief period, Genesis has accelerated from a commendable sedan producer to an incipient luxury brand that is somehow surpassing Mercedes-Benz performance. However, if you are attracted to the remarkable GV60 electric car, there is just one difficulty: they are difficult to encounter. Right now, the GV60, G80 Electrified and coming GV70 Electrified models can exclusively be seen in 13 states.

At present, Genesis is swiftly transforming its business practices. Recently, authorities at the company confirmed that their selection of all-electric vehicles will soon be available in up to fifteen American states. As customers can now buy them, models such as electric cars are accessible in Texas and Wisconsin; with the other dozen including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Utah, Virginia and Washington already offering them beforehand.

It’s a notably favorable occurrence just prior to the unveiling of the GV70 Electrified. This noteworthy crossover should have great sales for the firm, and it also stands to receive up to $7,500 in government tax discounts as it is produced at Hyundai’s Alabama facility.

Jarred Pellat, a representative for Genesis Motor America, remarked that part of the issue in regards to the introduction of electric vehicles has been the regular supply-chain difficulties that have impeded the entire business sector amid the pandemic. Yet it has also been connected to the growth of Genesis’ dealership network.

“Our plan for increasing the sales of electric vehicles is very conscious,” Pellat insisted at the debut of the GV70 in Atlanta earlier this week. “Retail is a key piece of the puzzle, making sure that the shops are ready to go by taking part in our electic vehicle learning program.”

Pellat proclaimed that Genesis foresees numerous of its EV patrons shall be first-time purchasers of their brand (which tends to be true of a good amount of their clientele as a whole) and likewise never before owners of electric autos. “We aspire to affirm that they have the ideal possible buying experience” he uttered.

As a reward, those who elect to go with a Genesis EV will be presented with three years of half-hour elective charging at Electrify America stations. Nevertheless, even though the electric vehicles from Genesis lag behind their lower-priced Kia and Hyundai counterparts; the upcoming GV70 has an estimated 236 miles range compared to greater-than-300 miles in cars like the amazing Hyundai Ioniq 5 or the brilliant Kia EV6. Regardless, Genesis have still achieved much acclaim due to their GV60 attaining Car and Driver’s Editor’s Choice designation for this year.

Pellat declared that more Genesis showrooms and electric car sales shall be unveiled in the not-so-distant future. “We will make Genesis eco-friendly automobiles obtainable at every single place where our motors are merchandised,” he announced. “The restraint will not hold us back.”

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