TVR Griffith: Production Stops

Can returning marque catch a break?

In 2024, TVR is anticipated to launch its resurgence with the Ford Mustang-powered Griffith sports car; however, its resurrection may face another obstruction due to its proposed production facility. Reportedly, the special rights that British carmaker had for the Ebbw Vale factory in south Wales has already expired.

Although it may not appear to be so, TVR’s comeback has not been completely ruined. Their opportunity to secure a lease at the location is still open, but as this is being written, steps have already been taken by the Welsh government to offer it up for sale. It’s even worse news, in that many interested parties have declared their intention to buy, so TVR must hurry to make sure they do not have an obstructionist proprietor.

“We’ve had a lot of questions in the last half-year about a building of that size,” declared Ellie Fry, corporate director for regeneration and community services. “It’s a popular size, since there aren’t many structures like it in South East Wales.” She went on to say, “We’ll be sure to take all those enquiries into account.”

Thus far, TVR has made no announcement concerning the relinquishment of their hiring rights to the manufacturing operation.

When 2013 came about, a glimmer of optimism was seen in the future of TVR. Tycoon entrepreneurs Les Edgar and John Chasey then took control of the brand, insisting that their vision to bring back a sporty vehicle would come to fruition. And, 2017 saw just this; with the introduction of the V8-powered Griffith, contests with Porsche 911 were anticipated. Plans for production got underway in 2018, with cars expected to be at customer’s doorsteps by 2019.

Despite this setback, however, the returning TVR brand experienced a major roadblock in 2019 when norms on emissions prevented the refurbishing of the Ebbw Vale plant. Consequently, it postponed the release of the Griffith sports car to 2020. This was further delayed due to the costly and labor-intensive renovations that had to be done to the 180,000 square feet facility.

Fostering expansion, TVR has pledged to embrace electrification, and anticipates releasing both a V8 engine-propelled and an electric Griffith sports car in the year 2024. However, the potential of the renowned manufacturer and its forthcoming cars is once more dubious – hopefully, the company will establish a successful presence soon.

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