Volvo Unveils 1st Electric Sedan

TVR Loses Rights to Produce Griffith Sports Car

Volvo have initiated the advanced manufacture of the ES90 in China, and chances are looking increasingly bleak for TVR’s prolonged dream project – the Griffith.

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Volvo initiates the preliminary assembly of their electric car model. This sleek and powerful sedan will soon be available on the market.Volvo has kicked off pre-manufacture of their new electricity-driven vehicle, a stately 4-door. The Swedish automaker is laying the foundation for its venture into electrification. This high-performance sedan is expected to commence production in the near future. Providing an exceptional blend of power and style, this groundbreaking electric sedan is geared to become a hot commodity. Volvo brings the ability to drive with greater efficiency, generating less pollution overall. Plus, it provides amazing torque, making it an attractive option for those seeking more force.The recent commencement of pre-production of this electric sedan marks an exciting new chapter for Volvo and eco-friendly driving. By creating an automobile of this import, Volvo hopes to set the standard for what the modern era of automobile construction will look like.

Following the release of several electric SUVs and a quirky minivan, Volvo is set to introduce a new electric sedan. Swedish publication Teknikens Värld – who famously overturned the Mercedes A-Class in the 1997 moose test – have obtained an image from Volvo’s internal network. The image shows the car covered with the words “CONFIDENTAL” and “TOP SECRET”, which was taken at the Cixi factory in the Zhejiang Province of eastern China.

The EV that has been internally codenamed “V551” is believed to be officially called the “ES90.” According to an internal memo, it has been developed on the same SPA2 platform as the EX90. The memo also included some preliminary technical specifications for the ES90, which is said to measure 196.4 inches (4990 millimeters) in length with a wheelbase of 122.1 in (3102 mm). It’s also reported to be 60.9 in (1547 mm) tall and 76.5 in (1945 mm) wide. With such a footprint, the ES90 is expected to directly compete with the BMW i5, Mercedes EQE, and the upcoming Audi A6 E-Tron.

The marque’s premiere electric saloon evidently clocks in at around 2,600 kilograms (5,732 pounds) for the double-motor AWD iteration and 2,500 kg (5,511 lbs) for the lone-motor RWD version. With a comprehensive 111-kWh energy source, it comes as no surprise that the EX90 has the same battery capacity. It is rumored to have up to 600 km (373 miles) in range on the single-motor model, though that statistic is likely based off of China’s Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC).

It has reportedly been asserted that mass production will commence in May of 2024.

Tour YetSix years on from when it was initially shown, a factory visit for the TVR Griffith is yet to be organised. Despite its grand reveal six years ago, there has been no tour of the production facilities for customers of this classic sports car. Attempts have been made to coordinate a guided experience; however, such visits have yet to come to fruition. The persistent absence of a production tour has caused some consternation amongst enthusiasts, and many prospective customers remain eager to explore the inner workings of the legendary British-made vehicle up close.

On September 8th, 2017, the initial unveiling of the newly-revived TVR Griffith took place. However, after more than half a decade, this sports car is yet to become an actual reality. Unfortunately, matters appear to be heading in an even worse direction; since the firm has now been denied exclusive rights to manufacture the vehicle at their plant located in South Wales’s Blaenau Gwent. On December 5, the Place scrutiny committee of the Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council held a meeting, in which TVR was rejected as suitable candidates for establishing the pertinent factory.

The South Wales Argus reported that corporate director for regeneration and community services, Ellie Fry, said: “The exclusive rights for TVR to lease the Techboard building have now expired. While they still have the option to rent it, the building will now be made available to the public. There has been no word yet on whether TVR will choose to come or not; the Welsh Government has decided to put the building up for sale.”

Since unveiling the Griffith back in 2017, TVR proffered plans for an electric edition of the coupe. This announcement came about in 2022 with the news of an electric sedan and SUV mentioned as well, yet since then we’ve heard nothing. While we’re still clinging to optimism that TVR will return, our enthusiasm is beginning to wane.

Sources: Teknikens Värld, South Wales Argus

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