Two-Millionth Porsche Built in Leipzig

Beautiful Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid

No more than fourteen days after the premiere of the 2024 Porsche Panamera, the carmaker has a further purpose to rejoice. This stands for the sending off of its two-millionth Porsche from its Leipzig production line, an eye-catching Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid equipped with a spectacular Madeira Gold Metallic paint finish, and is now on its way to a fresh proprietor in Dubai.

Since it made its debut in Leipzig in 2009, the Panamera line has been a key factor in Porsche’s success story at its production location in Saxony. In 2016, the launch of the second generation Panamera solidified its status as a “true Leipziger” when the assembly plant was expanded to include a paint shop and body production.

“The move to a full-fledged factory was a groundbreaking decision for the site,” remarks Gerd Rupp, Chairman of the Management Board at the plant. “By becoming a full factory, we are now able to produce models in their entirety – from the construction of the body to the final assembly. This has been a major step forward for us and will help to ensure our future growth and success.”

The Leipzig factory that belongs to Porsche has become an essential aid to the central German economy due to its employment of over 4,400 people. It has developed into a hub for electrical automobiles, and going further on, it will be able to construct tri-drive mechanisms – streaming, electric, and amalgamate forces – on one line.

U.S. customers can now place orders for the 2024 Panamera, which is projected to reach dealerships in the Spring of that year. Its base model has a MSRP of $101,550, alongside an added fee of $1,650 for delivery. The Panamera 4 has a higher price point at $108,550 and information about the cost of the Turbo E-Hybrid model will be announced at a future date.

Source: Porsche

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