UAW Strike Causes Ram 1500 Shutdown at Stellantis Plant

Sterling Heights Assembly Plant Workers Go On Strike

Ahead of a planned motor strike Monday morning, Stellantis released an official statement condemning the proposed action. In advance of this coming Monday’s threatened labor stoppage, Stellantis has currently published an authoritative declaration that denounces the envisaged industrial action. The car manufacturer’s mandate challenged the union’s motive to disrupt production and stated their dedication to settling any present issues behind closed doors.

A labor action by the United Auto Workers against Detroit automakers has swollen to include almost 7,000 personnel from the Stellantis facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan. On Monday morning those working at the plant walked out, stopping the manufacture of the Ram 1500 vehicles at the large 286-acre assembly line. According to information from the UAW, the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant is the largest and most successful location for Stellantis.

The UAW has cited Stellantis’ “lagging behind” both Ford and General Motors in terms of meeting its workforce’s demands as the main cause for the walkout. The union further noted that the strike was unannounced, indicating that company officials were taken by surprise. Stellantis had already canceled its scheduled appearances at SEMA, the LA Auto Show, and CES before this new strike.

A Stellantis representative conveyed a vehement display of annoyance with the occurrence of the most recent strike.

The most recent strike has brought the total number of UAW members currently on picket lines to over 40,000. This comes after UAW President Shawn Fain declared in his weekly address last Friday that no new strikes were imminent, although he had previously warned that new strikes could take place at any time. The strike was preceded by the sudden walkout of 8,700 union workers at Ford’s F-Series factory in Kentucky on October 12th, which prompted Ford to issue a statement saying the UAW’s action was “grossly irresponsible.”

In its sixth week, the momentous UAW strike proudly stands as the very first occasion when the union has demanded unisonary walkouts against Detroit’s big three. Ever since September 15th, employees of three factories – one associated with each of the car manufacturers – set out picket lines. Presently, seven factories & thirty-eight parts distribution centers ranging from 22 diverse states are under surveillance.

Concerning wage increases, Automotive News records Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis offering a 23-percent raise, with Stellantis showcasing an expansion of wages over a period of four years compared to the three of the others. Concerning temporay staff members, Ford and GM suggest a starting wage of $21 per hour. Ford’s plan shows conversion to permanent after 90 days, with GM proposing transformation within one year. On the other hand, Stellantis proposes a salary of $20 per hour without bringing up conversion of temps to full-time.

Source: UAW

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