UAW Workers Strike Against Mack Trucks

4000 Volvo Group Workers Strike in 3 States

Almost 4,000 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union at Mack Trucks have joined the estimated 25,000 labor union workers from Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, taking to the picket lines. The truck manufacturer’s personnel voted overwhelmingly in favor of striking on Monday, leading to the commencement of protests in factories located in three different states.

The unexpected strike left Mack Trucks President Stephen Roy flabbergasted, according to Reuters. In spite of a provisional pact between the producer of weighty trucks and the UAW having been achieved on October 1, this didn’t suffice to bring forth a conclusive endorsement from its members. Curveball – the proposition was repudiated by a landslide margin of 73%, and as a consequence, led to workers striking starting at 7 AM Monday morning across Mack sites in Pennsylvania, Florida and Maryland.

The hindrance in the offered five-year contract agreement was perceived to be a 19 percent wage increase, which people felt to be too little to keep tempo with inflation, Reuters reported. The proposal also included improved retirement packages, quicker access to maximum wages, more vacation hours, and a 3,500 dollar sign on reward.

“I’m inspired to see UAW members at Mack holding out for a better dealer, and ready to stand up and walk off the job to win it,” declared Shawn Fain, President of the UAW, in a post to X. Fain expressed his admiration for the union members’ commitment to achieving a more favorable outcome. He encouraged them to continue their efforts and fight for their rights.

Undoubtedly, the newest industrial action by the United Automobile Workers (UAW) against Mack Trucks has supplemented the continuous strikes directed at Detroit automakers that have gone on for around a month. On September 15, somewhere in the range of 15,000 UAW members employed with Ford, GM, and Stellantis, went on strike due to an array of considerations such as wages, retirement benefits, lower-tier pay structures, and vacation times. The conflict was further broadened when 25,000 personnel walked out to picket lines against Ford and General Motors on the 29th of September. The projection of enlarged strikes on October 6 did not happen as there had been substantial headway made in the negotiations, making a statement from Fain.

No bargain has yet been struck in Detroit. According to Automotive News, Ford proposed a 23 percent wage rise as part of its latest offer with both GM and Stellantis standing at 20 percent. There are also suggestions for increased 401K contributions as well as extra time off. However, when it comes to the different levels, Ford’s plan incorporates equal pay once a period of growth has passed, while GM and Stellantis retain their various tiers. The predicament involving temporary employees is also ongoing in each company. The UAW are demanding a 36 percent salary increment within a 90-day grow-in period, reviving defined-benefit pensions, conversion of temporary workers to permanent status, plus other measures.

Mack Trucks have been summoned again to the negotiation desk. It is yet to be seen how extended the labor stoppage versus the manufacturer will endure.

Source: Reuters

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