Uncovering the AMG ONE Story

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The Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar is a truly unique and remarkable phenomenon that will never be surpassed; the process in which it was created was filled with completely new challenges that Cutting Edge Productions will reveal over a three-part documentary.

Mercedes opened up its archives to aid in the production of the docuseries, thereby presenting us with a one-of-a-kind peek into the development of one of the most sophisticated vehicles ever crafted, encompassing engineering confrontations, inside firm feuds and customer feedback.

Not only was AMG aiming for one of the most grand, arduous, and sought-after automotive undertakings ever pursued, they announced the vehicle in 2017 with the perception that production would commence two years later. Unfortunately, we later found out that timetable was more ambitious than expected.

Project ONE Trailer

The unlimited entry given to the production corporation allowed them to interrogate fundamental characters to form an entire depiction of the outlooks connected with the car’s creation. One of those included F1 driver Sir Lewis Hamilton, who likewise performed as one of the growth drivers and it is said he acquired two of the hypercars – one for himself and one for his dad.

Fellow purchaser and ex-F1 competitor David Coulthard’s opinion is also sought after, and there will be conversations with F1 Academy head Susie Wolff, the matrimonial partner of Toto who leads the F1 formation where Hamilton participates. Illuminating what shoppers are experiencing will be someone like Victoria Swarovski, heiress to the Swarovski jewelry empire.

Fulfilling the marked conversations will be dialogues with FIA leader Mohammed Ben Sulayem and writer Mat Watson, who was one of the original persons beyond Affalterbach to come across the novel hypercar.

“Prepare yourselves for a thrilling and educational journey as we uncover exactly how much was at stake for Mercedes in what Cutting Edge Productions calls ‘a venture that put the reputation of the entire Mercedes group in jeopardy.’ This is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster!”

Executives declared that they must have been inebriated when accepting the mighty challenge, and Mercedes professed that nobody would ever again attempt such an imposing task. Fortunately, we now know that all of the endeavour proved to be fruitful – as evidenced by a solid Nurburgring production car record being accomplished- and we are confident that this documentary series will also be successfully realised.

No precise launch date has been determined; however, we can anticipate the film to be aired near Christmas. Let’s hope there aren’t the same hold-ups that were encountered with the car.

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