Uncovered: BMW i5 Touring Wagon’s Front-End

A More Powerful M60 Model

BMW is preparing to unleash the 5 Series Touring wagon, with the electrified i5 model already having been seen testing in tease pics showing its front without any camo. Although the carmaker still keeps hiding the back part, the enthusiasm around the arrival of the sporty M5 variant is quite palpable.

The surprise not being the absence of camouflage, BMW unveiled the 5 Series and i5 sedan earlier on in 2021, with both forms of the car featuring similar fronts that are still distinguishable due to the variety of grilles; this could be a technique used by BMW to hide the model trim by covering the M emblems at the sides of the vehicle.

The i5 Touring is projected to acquire the same powertrain configurations offered by the sedan. The eDrive40 will have a single rear-accommodated motor producing an impressive 335 Hp along with 295 pound-feet torque, that can raise up to 317 lbs.-ft when subjected to overboost. This setup will allow it to reach 60 MPH in 5.7 seconds and accelerate all the way till 120 mph.

The i5 M60 has been outfitted with a dual-motor arrangement, offering all-wheel drive and generating an impressive 590hp and up to 605lb-ft of torque. It can easily accelerate to 60mph within 3.7 seconds and has a maximum speed of 143mph. Both iterations come fitted with an 84.3-kWh battery that is estimated to last 295 miles in the eDrive40 setup and 256 miles on the M60 xDrive model. Considering the weight difference between the two variants, similar performance figures are to be expected with the i5 Touring; though, this is likely to affect some numbers.

The usual 5 Series wagon is set to be featured, complete with electrified powertrains. Furthermore, there is hearsay that the M5 model may include an electric component, potentially identical to that of the XM. This SUV provides an impressive punch with its bi-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 coupled to an electric motor, granting 735 horsepower and 735 lb-ft of torque. It remains uncertain if the same capabilities will apply to the M5 version.

We have already seen the arrival of the sedan and BMW now hints that the M5 Touring wagon is coming soon. It seems likely that we have only a short time to wait until the 5-Series long-roof model makes its debut. The anticipated date for the release of the M5 series is 2024 but already a considerable part of this year has passed by, which could imply that BMW should have some big rollouts happening before the end of 2023.

Source: SH Proshots


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