Updated: Road-Legal Audi R8 GT3 Prototype

Spy Photogs Spot Big-Winged Car at Nurburgring

Sixteen newly added snaps of this audacious Audi R8 around Nurburgring have just been released. These pictures illustrate the sporty appearance of the car on nearby roads.

The Audi R8 is moving into the annals of history. 2023 ushers in the end to this widely admired supercar, so it was a shock when spy pictures of an R8 came through our electronic mail. The winged and scooped Audi bears an undeniable likeness to a GT3 contester, although this one is unlike any other – it has placards affixed both on its front and back.

Could it be we’re looking at a road-legal Audi R8? Spies and souces behind the snaps are convinced that this is indeed the case, however it probably isn’t a specific variation by Audi itself. Rather, it’s guessed that it’s an R8 GT3 assembled by Scherer Sport, long-involved in motorsport and upgradability associated with Audi’s Sports range. It very well may be a trial car built for street operation to accommodate forthcoming homologation stipulations, so whatever its purpose, nothing would please us more than having a spin behind the wheel.

It’s probable that this won’t take place. According to our intel, only a hundred of these streets-ready R8 GT3s will be manufactured and one can believe confidently that the bulk (or all) have already been sellingered by shoppers anxious to get their hands on one. Whether Audi is definitely partaking in the development procedure is currently enigmatic. All we are able to confirm is that a white R8 complete with racing automotive features plus tags was recently spied negotiating the Nurburgring while it was raining.

By analyzing the photographs, we can ascertain some discernible differences when we compare it to its everyday street-version. It is impossible to overlook that enormous GT3 wing, and the front trunk we are used to seeing is replaced by grand air channels. There are also air vents over the wheels, spoilers at the face of the vehicle, and a much larger hood placed on the roof. Focusing closer, there seem to be centerlock wheels in addition to a top which is completely distinct from a regular R8. The total bodywork takes after the R8 GT3 Evo II which was first shown this year, vaguely toned down for public roads.

We are not given a clear glimpse inside, but we can catch sight of what appears to be a customary dashboard at the lowermost region of the windshield. A safety cage is readily apparent, and no luxuriant embellishments on the A-pillars are in evidence. Moreover, we are not apprised of the activities beneath that large roof scoop. Regardless, with 602 horsepower as standard, the R8 does not need any auxiliary potency to zip quickly.

Seeing this for the initial occasion, we don’t have any data as to when – or if – a legitimate introduction will take place. We are certainly vigilant for further insight, since a wild R8 GT3 would be an extraordinary finale for this outstanding vehicle.

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