Upgrade Your Adventure: Rivian R2 Comes with Kitchen and Rooftop Tent

Dual Glovebox and Flashlight Among the Nifty Additions.

At the unveiling of the R2, Rivian pulled off a surprise move by also introducing the compact R3. However, their first priority is to begin delivering their highly-anticipated competitor for Tesla’s Model Y in the first half of 2026. Once it finally hits the road, the R2 will be able to accommodate various clever add-ons.

Just like its larger counterparts, the R1T pickup and R1S SUV, the newest addition to Rivian’s expanding range is designed for adventure-loving individuals and comes with a variety of optional features. One such feature is the Travel Kitchen, which includes a water tank, cooler, induction cooktop, extra storage, and even a set of cookware. In addition, Rivian offers hanging lights to use while cooking in remote areas at night.

On the other hand, a compact kitchenette can be substituted for a removable storage container equipped with handles on either side and small wheels for easy transport. This is ideal for preventing any potential clutter inside the car, much like a miniature, portable truck bed. In addition, the interior offers ample storage space as the rear bench can be folded flat, along with both of the front seats. And let’s not forget about the front trunk, providing yet another convenient storage option.

What more is there to say? The luggage container on top of the vehicle may not be extraordinary, but Rivian offers the option to exchange it for what they call a “Treehouse”. This uniquely shaped rooftop tent comes with a convenient ladder for easy entry. Located at the back, the bicycle rack can be securely attached to the R2 without the need for any tools, and it has enough space to accommodate two bikes. While certain vehicles have designated compartments for umbrellas in the driver’s side door, this electric SUV utilizes that area for a handy flashlight instead.

The upcoming Rivian R2 is an intriguing EV, but it will unfortunately have a lengthy wait before being available for purchase. This delay is particularly disappointing for European customers, as the vehicle will not be sold there until 2027, including in the UK. In the United States, the base price will be approximately $45,000, but additional features will come at an extra cost. Basic economics suggests that the Euro variant will likely be pricier due to the inclusion of value-added tax (VAT).

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