UPS Drivers: AC in Delivery Trucks at Last

No ACs in Some UPS Delivery Vehicles

Established in 1907, United Parcel Service is one of the most extensive delivery businesses worldwide and presently contracts directly over 530,000 personnel all over the world. It is not straightforward to uphold both profitability and contentment amongst its employees, something that UPS strives for through recurrent assessments with its line managers to fully comprehend what staff out on the road need. As a result of these negotiations, UPS declares that it will be adding air conditioners to its delivery vehicles.

Undeniably, that isn’t the whole account. According to a deal between UPS and the Teamsters, all newly acquired US small package delivery trucks will contain air-conditioners as of the first of January of the coming year. The company vowed to allocate those new vehicles into the main hot districts where this is feasible.

For everybody else, there will be cabin fans! UPS has declared it will equip all delivery trucks without built-in air conditioners with the fans within a period of thirty days after a contract is approved. Additionally, they intend to install a second fan by June first of next year.

For further precaution, UPS will be putting in heat exhaust protectors to reduce the flow of warmth from the engine into the truck’s floor. According to early studies, this plan could potentially drop the interior temperature up to 17 Fahrenheit. These guards will be integrated on all future trucks and added to present delivery vans within one and a half years after agreement ratification.

An arrangement between the business and the Teamsters was struck to include a forced-air induction system that would channel fresh air from the front of the vehicle to its cargo portion. This system will be implemented in the production of new delivery vehicles from this point onwards, whiles existing vehicles can anticipate being retrofitted within 18 months of the agreement being ratified.

“At UPS, we take the safety of our employees very seriously,” the company stated in a press release. “That’s why we have continually sought out solutions to ensure their wellbeing on hot days. After the Teamsters raised air conditioning as a top priority for their members, we have now agreed to implement new measures that will enhance airflow, temperature, and comfort for them.”

Source: UPS

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