V8-Powered GT1: The Ford GT Mk II’s Better Half

All-Carbon GT1: Crazy 1,400 hp Twin Turbo V8

When looking at the contemporary landscape of supercars and hypercars, we have been thoroughly fortunate in recent times. Each week it seems we come across the most innovative and supreme four-wheeled rocket with never-before-seen features as well as a speed capability that is simply remarkable.

It’s all too easy to be swept away in the flood of mind-boggling horsepower numbers and fastest Nürburgring lap times, which often leads to some truly remarkable vehicles going unnoticed. And then, a job so fabulous like the GT1 appears and you simply can’t ignore it! Speed Phenom from YouTube has visited M1 Concourse in Michigan to get an up-close and personal experience with this spectacular race-ready hypercar that is founded on the first-generation Ford GT.


Released between 2005 and 2006, the initial Ford GT stirred direct motivation from the 1966 MK1 GT40 competition vehicle. Pairing a turbocharged 5.4 Ford Modular V8 with a deftly designed structure along with a value which played second fiddle to European supercars of the time, Ford established itself at the apex on the supercar landscape. The subsequent Ford GT, however, exemplified a greater sense of efficiency rather than having soul.

The source of this issue often is the three point five-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost mill. Whilst it gives outstanding power and torque figures – 647 hp and 550 lb-ft respectively, it failed to deliver the anticipated sound from Ford’s iconic V8. Ford responded with the GT MKII track edition which was released in 2019, a vehicle with aerodynamic large parts, decent Pirelli racing tires and an increase in power to 700 hp; yet still, the V6 motor lacked that positive emotion. Fortunately, the newly named GT1 has no such problem.

Assembled by a cadre of former Ford personnel, the GT1 utilizes an unused initial generation OEM Ford GT chassis stored for in excess of 15 years to form the vehicle from the bottom up. The GT1 unit managed to obtain genuine molds from the 2009 Ford GT1 race auto, initially formed and operated by Swiss competition outfit Matech Concepts in the FIA GT1 World Championship, in order to generate a full carbon fiber large body with considerable aerodynamics that fits over the OEM frame.

They effectively revamped the staple back spoiler, adjusting the position to a swan neck approach so as to augment down-thrust while likewise involving the ends of the tail wing.

Then, the GT1 squad had to hunt for an appropriately outrageous engine and decided on a Roush Yates YF45 7.0 Liter V8 – a variation of the Ford FR9 NASCAR motor. The regular YF45 produces 960 horsepower yet the GT1 group decided to take it to the next level and fit two Garret G35 ball-bearing turbochargers, raising the output to 1,400 HP on just 12 lbs of boost.

Presently, the GT1 is under ongoing refinement; however, once the team has finished, we anticipate gaining much knowledge concerning it. For now, to get an entire understanding of this fabulous machine, we suggest viewing the full video.

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