Kia Stinger Successor Set for Release in 2026!

Kia’s GT1 successor, internally called the EV8, could be the next Stinger model.

The Kia Stinger, which has unfortunately been discontinued, was a truly outstanding vehicle in terms of performance. It received little recognition during its brief time on the market, with only one generation available for purchase. However, recent developments suggest that the Korean car manufacturer is not finished with the Stinger just yet. A leaked document has revealed that they are currently in the process of creating an all-electric replacement for the popular sedan.

Recently unearthed by The Korean Car Blog, a leaked Union New Car Production Schedule from Kia reveals that the company’s replacement for the Stinger will be known as the EV8. This upcoming electric vehicle, code-named GT1, will be built upon Hyundai Motor Company’s cutting-edge eM platform, which is even more advanced than the current E-GMP platform used for the Kia EV6 and EV9 models.

The eM technology is versatile and can be seamlessly incorporated into various models such as the Genesis GV90.

The upcoming all-electric version of the Kia Stinger is projected to utilize a larger 113.2 kWh battery pack, marking a noteworthy jump from the 99.8 kWh battery used in its predecessor, the EV9. This brings it closer in line with the reigning range champion in the electric vehicle industry, the Lucid Air, which boasts a maximum battery capacity of 112 kWh. As a result, the new Stinger promises an impressive driving range of approximately 435 to 497 miles, placing it on par with other high-performing EVs with extensive range capabilities.

The Kia GT1 is said to have a maximum horsepower output of 612, achieved through a powerful combination of a 268 hp front motor and a 449 hp rear motor. This is nearly double the power of the Stinger, which was equipped with a twin-turbo V6 engine.According to reports, the Kia GT1 will deliver impressive performance with its two motors working together. The front motor is rated at 268 hp while the rear motor packs a punch with 449 hp, resulting in a combined output of 612 horses – significantly more than the Stinger’s twin-turbo V6 engine.In terms of power, there is a significant jump from the Stinger to the GT1. While the Stinger made 365 horsepower, the GT1 is expected to max out at over 600 horsepower. This boost in performance is due to the use of two powerful motors instead of a single engine.The Kia GT1 marks a major step forward for Kia in terms of high-performance vehicles. With a reported top speed of 155 mph and an impressive horsepower output, the GT1 is poised to compete with other high-performance cars in its class. Drivers can expect a thrilling and exhilarating experience behind the wheel of this incredible machine.The front motor in

The debate between EV and ICE is often an unequal match, but even against Kia’s existing high-performance EVs, the EV8 will bring formidable strength. In terms of raw power, the electric Stinger will surpass the performance-focused EV6 GT by approximately 35 horsepower for a more accurate demonstration of its capabilities.

It is highly probable that Kia will unveil varying powertrain configurations for their entry-level and middle-range models, offering both single- and dual-motor choices for rear- and all-wheel drive at different price ranges.

KCB reports that the former model will produce 218 horsepower, while the latter has the potential to achieve 435 horsepower due to the integration of a front-mounted motor.

Recently revealed information indicates that Kia’s upcoming replacement for the Stinger model will be manufactured at their Hwaseong Plant 3 location by the year 2026. However, there is a chance that production may also take place in other sites. An example of this would be the production of the Kia EV9 in the United States. In order to qualify for the full $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit, Kia plans to commence production of electric vehicles in Georgia starting in 2025.

Regardless of its location of production, our expectations for the EV8 are to match the impressive benchmark established by the Stinger. While Kia has presented the EV6 GT as the modern-day embodiment of the Stinger GT, we have remained hesitant to fully embrace this notion.

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