V-Class Name Rumored for Mercedes-Benz Debut in the US

2026 Release Date Announced for Upcoming Sale

According to sources at Mercedes-Benz, the upcoming van for the US market will be named the V-Class. The company’s executives have confirmed that the current EQV name will no longer be used when the vehicle hits the market in 2026. Mercedes officials disclosed to WardsAuto that there are plans to rebrand the next-generation van with a more fitting and recognizable name – the V-Class. This decision has been met with excitement and anticipation from both loyal fans and potential customers alike. It is expected that the new V-Class will come equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge features, as well as feature a sleek and modern design. The shift in nomenclature not only reflects the evolution of the brand’s image but also sets the tone for its future direction in the American market. With the reported release date of 2026, there is plenty of time for Mercedes-Benz to perfect their latest van and ensure that it lives up to its prestigious name. Fans and enthusiasts can expect a high-quality and impressive vehicle that maintains the standards of excellence that the brand is known for. It will certainly be a highly coveted addition to the Mercedes lineup when it arrives on American shores.

In May 2023, Mercedes revealed its strategy for van production, introducing the VAN.EA platform which will serve as the foundation for upcoming luxury vans in the US and other markets. Based on recent information, Mercedes intends to provide a variety of options for the van, including both single and dual motor configurations in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, as well as two different battery sizes.

According to WardAuto’s report, Mercedes has chosen not to provide a statement regarding their future product plans when contacted by Motor1. The company stated that they are unable to discuss any information concerning upcoming developments.

Mercedes announced in 2020 that their vans would have an anticipated mileage of more than 310 miles. Similar to other vans currently available, the company plans to offer a range of options with various wheelbases and seating arrangements. Additionally, this platform will serve as the basis for larger cargo vans tailored for customization.

Moreover, the platform will also support medium and large camper vans in order to attract potential customers. This model will rival the Volkswagen ID. Buzz California Camper version which was revealed by the company in 2021 and is expected to hit the market sometime after 2025.

Mercedes had previously introduced the Metris in the American market, however, the model met a premature end in late 2023 due to disappointing sales. Despite lackluster demand, this did not dampen the brand’s determination to offer vans in the US. It is expected that their efforts will yield better outcomes this time.

Source: WardsAuto

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