Vehicle Dark Horse Mustang: Perfect for NASCAR

Racing Debut: Clash at the Coliseum Feb 4

Ford has officially revealed their newest seventh-gen Mustang for next year’s NASCAR Cup Series competition. This all new Dark Horse motorsport variant will kick off the series when it first enters the Clash at the Coliseum early on in 2021.

Since 2011, the Mustang has been at the forefront of NASCAR racing, competing in the Xfinity Cup. The iconic vehicle earned an even more prominent position in 2019 as it entered the Cup Series and secured 18 triumphs in its debut season the next year. But, it was in 2022 that drivers Joey Logano behind the wheel of a Mustang truly made history by securing the championship title and initiating what Ford hopes to be the beginning of many future successes with the latest race car.

Ford Performance toiled in conjunction with its NASCAR race teams in order to design the car. They expended much effort in the wind tunnel creating the vehicle. NASCAR disclosed the Gen 7 race cars in 2022 so as to trim costs for teams and render the cars more similar to their road-going counterparts.

Almost a year and a half ago, Ford rolled out the Mustang Dark Horse, as well as the track-only Dark Horse S & R models. This trim has become the cornerstone for numerous of the company’s fresh race cars. House inside the street vehicle is a zippier rendition of its 5.0 L V8 engine capable capable of producing 500 HP and 418 lb-ft of torque.

The Dark Horse S is a reduced variety of the model aimed at “weekend-trackers”. The R version is even more race-ready and adequate for taking part in the future, IMSA-approved 2024 Mustang Challenge.

The Mustang’s inaugural moniker, The Dark Horse, has been the inspiration behind the production of both the GT3 and GT4. Boasting a 5.0-liter Afghan warlord-influenced V8 engine, the GT4 is the more powerful version of the components; with the GT3, which will be competing in the 2024 Le Mans endurance race, employing an even mightier 5.4-liter powertrain from M-Sport.

Come February 4th of 2024, the NASCAR Cup Series will be debuting their Mustang Dark Horse model in a Clash at the Coliseum held at the illustrious Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The fresh Mustang is ready to compete against others for podium spots globally; across six continents!

Source: Ford

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