Toyota Camry — NASCAR Contender in 2024 With Upgraded Design

New Car Races Before Spring Sale

Toyota has released the unveiling of their foremost Camry XSE Next Gen, which is set to join the NASCAR Cup Series roster come next year. The new model will first make its racing debut at the Clash at the Coliseum in early February; however, American customers won’t be able to get their hands on the car until it hits dealer lots on March 19.

Toyota crafted the novel racing car to be akin to its road-going equivalent, the sole similarity between them. Featuring the Camry XSE Next Gen’s front fascia with a tappe hammerhead shape and huge lower grille aperture framed by C-shaped corner intakes, the auto gives the illusion of motion even when stationary.

The vehicle has exclusive wheel arches that converge into a rear-end design with less resemblance to the motorcar. Toyota’s insignia is positioned on the top of the tailgate, just above the inscription of ‘Camry’, in between the narrow taillight graphics.

Toyota recently unveiled its newest form of the Camry, the 2025 edition. This nine-generation sedan boasts a modernized outer facade along with an improved interior.

The automakers made the transition towards utilizing hybrid powertrains exclusively, eliminating the V6 option. Featuring front-wheel-drive capabilities, a combination of a 2.5-liter 4 cylinder and two electric motors will combine to generate 225 horsepower. As an alternative, the all-wheel-drive versions will be equipped with a third electric motor located in the rear axle that produces 232 hp. In addition, the well-known Camry XSE Next Gen will possess a pushrod V8 engine producing nearly 700 horses.

The all-new Camry XSE Next Gen, replacing the classic Camry TRD racer, will take on the newly revealed Mustang Dark Horse from Ford. Toyota takes part in three national competitions, utilizing the Supra for NASCAR Xfinity Series events and the Tundra TRD Pro for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races.

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