Viper’s Dodge-Based Prop Car For Sale

The Rare ‘Defender’ Vehicle from TV Series

A piece of TV nostalgia is now up for grabs, with an iconic Dodge Viper-based prop car from the hit 1990s show “Viper” now being auctioned off. This car is allegedly one of only 14 examples of the fictional “Defender” vehicle, which was designed by Chrysler and constructed by Unique Movie Cars in Las Vegas to be used as the main cars in the show.

This 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 chassis was used to construct the Defender prop car. Showcasing a custom fiberglass coupe bodywork in a luminous silver hue, offering it a distinct and contemporary look. An 8-cylinder Chrysler small-block V8 motor is its powerhouse, combined with a 727 automatic transmission. It further provides staggered-size wheels, power assistance disc brakes equipped with Viper-designed calipers, coilover suspension, strength-assisted steering, and grey and black leather seating.

Despite its impressive look and one-of-a-kind past, this Defender replica automobile is being sold with a receipt and not formally recognized for road use. Thus, it could make an ideal supplement to any film or television related souvenir collection and can only be used away from the highways.

This particular car was employed on the set of the show as a main car, rather than for stunt work, and also for public relations. Its design elements give it a unique appearance, including a “double bubble” fixed roof with simulated porthole windows, removable side windows attached by Velcro, side pods beneath the doors, fang-style front bumperettes, and dual rear-exit exhaust pipes with rectangular surrounds. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this car’s front bumperettes and side pods are static, and it does not have the functioning gadgets seen in the show’s action sequences.

Set within the cabin, this vehicle flaunts bundle situates upholstered in a granular leather hue, color-coded fixtures tiled over the dashboard, console and door panels, obscure carpets, a lusterless headliner, plus a console-situated row of three faux monitors evincing static illustrations of the false car’s diagnostics. This car is not outfitted with seatbelts, a climate control organization, or a radio.

This offering provides a 1996 Paramount promotional booklet and a set of cast photographs for the series Viper, making this a must-own item for admirers of the show. As of now, the amount bid is very close to eighty thousand dollars.

Source: Bring a Trailer

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