Viper Triumphing Over Civic at Track

2002 Dodge Viper Beats 2000 Honda Civic in Drag Races.

It is clear to many that Mopar enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for the eventual arrival of the Dodge Viper over the coming days. After all, it’s indisputable that the model North American car is recognized not just by its unforgettable design, but also for its formidable power.

Withworm tightened and eyes a-peeled, we ponder what will come to be. However whilst doing as such, we can appreciate the venerated ones which have gone before us – American sports cars. Accordingly, the brazen Hoonigan team recently hosted a drag race pitting a Dodge Viper against a Honda Civic, with the imposing V8 Mustang taking a proud victory.

AWD Sleeper Civic vs 2nd Gen Viper // THIS vs THAT

The Hoonigan gang has been putting numerous vehicles through their paces in the ‘This vs That’ challenge, advocating for various autos over 1,000ft drag races. At one corner stood Robert Magna’s cobalt blue sportscar, a Dodge Viper which could not be mistaken for the very same Viper that lost to a 1996 Ford Bronco XLT ‘sleeper’ SUV. This newer edition (2002), however, has had a few customizations made.

A glimmering shade of azure and white stripes were applied to the 3,420-pound Viper when it showed up for the competition with its 8.0-litre naturally aspirated engine plus a NOS thrust. Reportedly, the video showcased that the Viper generates close to 455 hp, its six-speed transmission conveying power to the back wheels. The Viper already gives off an aura of speed due to the manner in which it looks, and its magnificent Borla exhaust raises its power to otherworldly levels.

Across the blacktop is Mike Prescott’s 2000 Honda Civic EX. Although to most onlookers it appears mundane and ordinary, this bland-looking automobile hides something deceptive below its bonnet. An authentically wound 2.4L K24 engine lies beneath, yet there is no telltale hint — neither a rear wing nor front spoilers or any graphics — that this is anything but an average Civic.

Evidently, this Civic is truly an inconspicuous beast, provided by its robust supercharger, culminating in about 556hp peak output. Even though the overall weight comes up to 2,800 pounds, this vehicle has a 4WD adaption along with a five-speed switchgear sending power to both the front and back axles.

The Honda Civic had an indisputable edge as far as oomph and heft are concerned. In point of fact, most people on the Hoonigan team saw the Civic emerging victorious in a three-way comparison. On the first attempt, however, Mike made a slipup while switching from initial to second gear, which enabled the Viper, which was lagging behind in terms of power, to overtake its competitor.

In the subsequent race, Hoonigan chose to give the Honda a head start based on its failure in the prior contest, leading to an absolute victory for the Civic. Nonetheless, when it came to the third trial, the Dodge Viper left the Civic behind significantly. Upon further inspection, Hoonigan only had taken the car out for a 300 mile drive implying lack of sufficient experience with the vehicle. Both automobiles were given a bonus round as a final decider and proficiently, the Honda outdid the Viper by an approximate two-car length.

Hoonigan is a YouTube channel that specialises in off-road andAnd motorsports. They produce entertaining films that include drifting and truck racing as well as small modifications for vehicles. Videos of course have all sorts of stunts and tricks performed.Hoonigan is a dedicated YT channel devoted to the intense, adrenaline-filled worlds of both off-roading and motorsport. Their iconic videos depict jaw-dropping stunts and car transformations – from monster trucks to more modestly modified rides. With each upload, Hoonigan provides entertainment and inspiration to thrill seekers out there!

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